The Grimm

Those who hail from Grimnest are often called the Grimm. While not often seen outside of Grimnest, some Grimm have migrated down to The Isle or the coast of Garuda.   Primarily though the Grimm are found and stay in Grimnest.   The Grimm don't have much in the way of a known origin story. This is partially due to the high level of spirit activity found around the 'Nest. Being visited by long-dead relatives and loved ones is not only common but expected.   Because of this the people of Grimnest have an especially strong link with spirits of the dead. Over the years some of those ancestral spirits have manifested into Guardian Spirits.


Funerary and Memorial customs

The Grimm primarily bury their dead underneath their homes as a way of having their loved one protect them. When that's not possible then they are buried as close as they can to the home.

Common Taboos

Using an ancestral name in vain.

Major organizations

Heaven's Fall

The Grimm
"Welcome to the 'Nest" -Grimm saying

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