The Dracon

The Descedants of a Dragon Defector

An ancient civilization of nomads that settled into an area now known as Vinyata . Descendants of dragons, unjustly feared by the world.

The Odd One

When the Withering King, Xavian, began his earliest assault on Tikor he did so with the help of his agents, The Wretched Ones. Life aspects and elementals that he corrupted into terrifying winged horrors. One of his dragons, Ryuujin, eventually defected, it was no longer able to handle the carnage they were expected to wrought. This betrayal ended up being one of the tipping points that allowed Ishvana to repel Xavian before her ultimate sacrifice. While the rest of The Wretched were sealed away in prison tombs deep below the surface, Ryuujin was allowed to remain as part of Ishvana's final edicts.

Birth by Dragon

Legends say that Ryuujin roamed Tikor for years, looking for a home in the now foreign land. Garuda and her children could never overlook Ryuujin's dark origins and he was subsequently shunned from the north. Eventually, Ryuujin would settle down in the south region of Tikor. Being the only dragon left, he decided to create his own humans as he had seen the others do. His race of humans would become known as The Dracon, humans with the blood of a dragon coursing through them. Unfortunately, like their progenitor, they would be discriminated on by the other cultures, weary of the serpent-like features that some grow. And the dark history behind their all-father. Despite Ryuujin's efforts to seal his own maker, it seemed as if Tikor would never truly accept him. The great dragon over time wrote a series of texts and scripts to guide his children, then he himself retreated somewhere underground to slumber like his brothers.

The Web

The Dracon live by way of communities that are all linked in a web-like fashion. These long interweaving connected series of tubes and nodes is called The Web, due to its spiderweb-like structure. The Web is a fully enclosed environment designed to protect people from the harsh conditions of the southern climate as well as the creatures that dwell in it. There are long, sometimes windy pathways, to each adjacent node as it follows the terrain. Each node hub itself encapsulates an entire city and small bit of surrounding area. At the center of this ginormous hub is the capital city of Ishward where the The Council of Syujin meets for cabinet sessions.


All Dracon who live in The Web generally follow The Way of Masangi . This is the path set by Ryuujin, their dragon father, before his slumber. The Way seeks to teach how to reach enlightenment through self-journey. That each Dracon must strive to reach their maximum potential, not for themselves necessarily, but for their community as a whole. While it's not a state-sponsored religion, nor do the Dracon have one, The Way is universally taught. Over time it's become a replacement for what other cultures would have as "common sense".

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Caste System

The Dracon live under a social caste system. This contains three different castes. The first being that of politicians, lawyers and those that deal with politics and other wordcraft. The second caste is the warrior caste, city guards, troops, bodyguards and other physical duties. They follow the War Code of The Way and help to protect the Nodes and deal with the occasional rowdy kid. The third caste consists of most other Dracon; merchants, farmers and other workers.


Average technological level

They have some technology but tend to rely on practical knowledge whether than high tech robotics and such.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There are three castes. The first being that of politicians, lawyers and those that deal with politics. The second caste is that of the warrior. They follow the War code of the Way and help to protect the Nodes and deal with the occasional rowdy kid. The third caste is that of the normal person. Merchants and other workers. They have some technology but tend to rely on practical knowledge whether than high tech robotics and such. In the warrior caste, there are those that follow the high path and are thought to have powers derived from there long hours praying to Ryuujin. They get Ryuujin’s Words through the Mandarin Dangisa. This is a scroll with Ryuujin’s teachings. It is said the scroll is never ending and more teachings are added as Ryuujin try’s to lead his people in a better direction.

Coming of Age Rites

When a Dracon comes of age, they must undergo what they call "imprinting the dragon's tail". The rite of passage activates part of their dragon infused blood, bringing to the surface dragon-like features.   As well a series of symbols appear on their right arm "Ryuujins Mark" or simply know as "Dragon's Mark" appear. These symbols when read by an Emberpath, tell the Dracon the keys to their destiny and if they are on the right Path.   The rite is performed after their 12th cycle and done at that cities shrine.


Relationship Ideals

Once the Dracon enter into a union, it is taken with the utmost seriousness.

Major organizations

The Dracon formed The Republic of Vinyata and still to this day make up the vast majority of its population. The governmental body that rules it is the Council of Syujin which is 100% Dracon.

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