Lupita Oromo

The Reaper

(a.k.a. The Reaper)

Lupita is one of the premier agents from the White Jackals. Her ability to get results in even the most entrenched pirate strongholds are said to be legendary. Her broken past drives her forward on her mission to eliminate all the criminal element in Grimnest .



The enigmatic bounty hunter is quiet about much of her life before joining the White Jackals. The talk around the base though is that she showed up one day at a White Jackal recruit center covered in blood and a deep need to join the guild. She brought her clan's ancestral weapon and summoned their guardian spirit. For not many of The Grimm are capable of handling both at the same time. While the Reaper herself won't confirm or deny the rumors, what is known is that she showed up suddenly, rose to the top and stayed there.

Top of the Class

The White Jackal training program is perhaps one of the hardest special ops training in the world. All agents are expected to work together as well to be sufficient on their own. Lupita showed an extremely high aptitude for strategy, combat strategies, and Grimnest geography. Her instructors did comment on her attitude though. Oromo had no real sense of restraint when it came to her enemies, she never held back. Even in competition, you were only getting her one hundred percent. This mindset, while not garnering her many friends, propelled her through the rankings and to the top of the hunter rankings. She had a purpose in mind, a singular purpose; revenge. And her training taught her how to best use her weapons.

Girls Two Best Friend's

Lupita has two different instruments of justice that she wields. Her Guardian Spirits and ancestral weapon. Her Guardian Spirit is a hazy blue dire wolf by the name of Palewind. Palewind is the great great great great grandfather of Lupita's who after his death was ascended to the clan's guardian spirit. While he has a human form, for unknown reasons, he mainly prefers the wolf shape he's always seen in. While the toothy grin of Palewind is quite often terrifying, the man under the beast speaks with the ease and comfort of a grandfather. As Lupita tells it, she was given choices of physical weapons, as the guardian spirit would imbue that weapon with the energy of her ancestors. She chose a firearm made from Omicron Technologies , an unusual choice in Grimnest.

Revenge Tour

The ace bounty hunter has one broad objective, the elimination of all criminal element in Grimnest. While this being the general outlook of the White Jackals, Lupita takes it one step further. She shows an exceptional tenacity at stopping lands and especially pirates. While many of The White choose to operate more in the shadows, Lupita takes the more direct approach. Many of the stores of white-clad bounty hunters decimating entire bases are usually attributed this secretive Jackal. As well many citizens point to her as a case for the over zealousness of the independent guild. Regardless of which side of the issue you arrive to, there is little doubting the effectiveness of her tactics. She is the one bogeyman to the pirates in a land devoid of the divine.

"This is War!"
The 12th fleet of Heaven's Fall was currently on the winning of a naval engagement with the hired guns of a fishing convoy.

"Heaven's Fall runs these seas ya sods!"

The Captain of the 12th, Bratticus, was currently yelling obscenities at the two frigates they were in the process of sinking. New recruit, Dimitri watched it all from his pseudo hiding spot behind the sacks of secured provisions in the kitchen. The poor sod had just "joined' Heaven's Fall a few weeks time ago and had been regretting it since day one. He had only accepted it because he imagined the pirate life to be a bit more pleasurable than his destined life of potato farming. Dimitri had been under the impression that they were more of the "steal from the rich" type of pirates, but the last week had been anything but that. Every ship they had scuttled seemed to be just ordinary fishermen and small-time merchants. This company, however, had ventured out to the Divide with more backup than usual.

"Not that it matters.." he muttered to himself. The small company of guards had been outgunned immediately, with one ship being sunk within the first minute. Once the crew realized they might get to board some ships, they turned a shade of bloodthirsty that he had never seen. It's definitely not what he signed up for. So he did the only thing he could think of, run to the galley and hide. He nodded to himself, this was a much safer solution. I only signed up for women, booze, and adventures, he thought to himself and he squinted out the porthole he discovered.

"Hahahahahha is that all ya got! Ya shoulda brought more boats!"

Dimitri wasn't so sure why Bratticus was so elated, he assumed it was because it was one on four and they were winning. The captain was an egotistical man like that. It was then a sound peaked at Dimitri's ears. He couldn't quite tell what it was among the sound of cannon fire. His vision quickly filled with blue as he gazed through the small window. The suddenness and sheer brilliance of the light stunned him for a moment. The deafening crash that followed floored him to the ground.

"Holy shit did they just sink us!" the timid young man squealed. His heart pulsated as his imagination raced. Had the convey somehow finally hit us? Dimitri scrambled back on top of the orange crates that had served as his perch. Smoke billowed around the deck, and Dimitri held his breath waiting to see the damage. His crew members had rushed toward the sign, running to survey the damage as well. The winds swirled and pulled away the smoke to reveal not the gaping hole Dimitri was expecting, but instead their stod a figure clad in sterling white.

"It's a Jackal!" screamed someone out of Dimitri's field of vision. The crew of the 12th had stopped their salvo to focus on the newly arrived visitor. The fledgling pirate could see more than half a dozen men began to encircle the ivory-clad jackal.

"I don't know how ya got here woman, but yer outnumbered and you picked a bad day to fight with The Fallen. Am I right boys!", the captain had come sauntering down the steps, his walk full of confidence and swagger. The ship roared with an AYE!, it was as if the whole company had awoken to the challenge. Dimitri wasn't sure what exactly a jackal was, but everyone was clearly taking it seriously. It sounded as if the whole ship was working there way toward the forward deck of the ship. The jackal agent looked up toward the captain and smiled. It was clear now that under the white robes was a woman.

"Oh?" she smirked through her white hood. As she spoke the first courageous buccaneer ran toward her unguarded back, cutlass held high.

"Wahhhhhhhhhh!!... Awwwwwwww!!!!!!" the pirate's warcry turned to a blood-curdling scream midway through. Dimitri strained his neck, hopping slightly, desperately trying to figure out how why the cry had turned sour. As the pirate stumbled back it appeared as if an enormous blue wolf was stepping out the jackals back. Its mammoth jaw having engulfed the pirate's arm past the elbow. The rogue's scream was ear piercing. The bounty hunter turned her head slightly to the side, side-eyeing the screaming buccaneer. She tsked at him.

As the last paw seemed to step out of her back the wolfs jaw flexed and his head flicked to the side. The pirate was relieved of his arm. As he fell to the floor, clutching his ragged crimson squirting limb, the enormous guardian spirit spit out the arm and seemed to grin a row of large impossible sharp teeth. The air paused as the crew of the 12th gazed into the maw of a creature that shouldn't exist.

Boom! Howl!

The silence was broken by the loud bang followed by what sounded like the howl of a wolf. A pirate off to the left side slumped to the floor. Dimitri's eyes gazed back at the mysterious figure to see her clutching a gun. The six-cylinder pistol was smoking. The young man was glued to his perch at this point, fingers gripping the shallow window seal. The gun explains the sound, but what was the howl he wondered. The pirates were down two members now.

"Don't just FUCKING STAND THERE YOU SAD SACKS OF SHIT! KILL HER!!" The captain's boisterous demand cut the crews paralysis. They yelled out as they rushed toward her, swords held up high.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Hoooowwwlll.

Every shot felt like a clap of thunder. The shots rang out in a trio of animalistic wails. Dimitri had the answer to his question, but the answer seemed impossible. The pirates were down five members now. Suddenly his view was obstructed by the back of a shirt. Someone was standing in front of his viewpoint. He heard a cacophony of boot-clad footsteps around him. It sounded like the whole ship crew was on the top floor. The ship swayed side to side as the air thundered.

Boom. Howl. Boom. Howl. Boom Boom, Hoowwll. Boom Boom Boom. Hooowwwlll.

The booming sound traveled as it sounded as if she was moving around the deck. The aqua shirted pirate was still blocking his view. He stood there a second, terrified. Did he run? Did he stay?

Boom. Howl.

His view was no longer obstructed. Dimitri's mouth dropped open as he saw the deck now littered with buccaneer corpses. The deck was so stained crimson he could barely remember they weren't ever truly that color. The immense dire wolf was standing there quietly watching. The captain seemed to be retreating with the last lad on the deck standing just behind Bratticus. He grabbed the lackey and shoved in the direction of the advancing figure. As the jackal approached the pirate stumbled forward, his legs seeming not to work. He fell to his knees.

"I SURRENDER, I SURRENDER!" his hands raised high he shrieked out the words, tears streaming down his face as he drops his sword. The bounty hunter looked down at the pirate as she closed in on him


Boom. HOWL!

" I thought you were supposed to take us in! Arrest us! This is a slaughter! How are you no different than us!" the captain stammered out as he backed up toward the aft to the ship.

"You said wanted war. Well, this is it."

Boom. Boom. Hoowwll. Boom. How. Boom. Boom. Hoowwll.

The air settled as silence descended. Dimitri's legs gave way as the reality of the situation fully dawned on him. She's gonna kill me he thought to himself, his fingers sliding down his face. He sat up suddenly with a thought, she hadn't seen him yet, he'd just wait for her to leave and then find a way off this ship. After what felt like an eon, he gingerly crept his way over to the deck door. He opened the door and peered out the door, and right into the face of an azure-tinted wolf. The dire wolf seemed to flicker ever so slightly, shimmering in the lights.

He wet himself. His legs fully gave out, the energy leaving his body. This was it, he resigned to himself, his shirt growing wet with his tears. The ethereal creature stared down at him.

"I..i...i...just joined..i..i'm sorry." Those were the only words he could get out. The jackal was standing off to the far side of the deck, staring out over the now safe merchant vessel. The wolf licked its teeth, then turned around and walked off toward the agent. The wolf stopped and looked back at him with an iron gaze.

"GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN." the grumbling voice seemed to fill his head as the wolf spoke to him.

"......really Palewind.", the White Jackal looked down at the wolf with a grumble and sideways look.

"WHAT?" the guardian animal peered up at her. "YOUR MOTHER LIKED THAT ONE"

"Yea, that was thirty years ago, like that phrase. Sweet father of all, let's go, you're embarrassing me", the spirit grinned its smile full of red glistening canines.


She stared at him wordlessly shaking her head as a blue energy surged around her, the air clapped as she seemed to jet off in an arch toward the merchant ship. Dimitri sat there still frozen in his own mess, in wonder at the scene. The wolf walked toward the same point the woman had launched from. It glanced back with one more look.


It wrenched its huge head back and howled before leaping off the deck. Floating then flying away in a blue streak. The lone survivor of the 12th sat there, gazing out over the macabre scene in front of him.
"Potatoes aren't so bad"

Current Mission

In the last few months, the Reaper has been seen increasing on the south coast of Grim Nest. She's shown a particular interest in the actives of pirates, mainly that of Heaven's Nest.


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