Killer Krew

The true inner circle of the Pirate Lord

The Pirate Lord Nubia requires a certain kind of crew to disembark with. Totally Loyal. Totally Krazy. The Killer Krew.




Personal Krew

Being the head of the largest pirate organization of the seas doesn’t mean you can just lounge while others work. For the Captain of Heaven’s Fall, the cryptic Nubia, the best way to stay grounded is to get your hands dirty. When she was a young girl and just a cog in Heaven’s Fall ship cleaning crew, she had heard countless stories of pillaging and robbing. Whether it be by land or by sea. The most thrilling parts of piracy. When she ascended to the pirate throne, she had her hands full with resurrecting the ailing organization. Now with the group of cutthroats more powerful than ever, the leader of chaos was free to seek her own goals. To handle these personal, secretive jobs she needed a small but trustworthy crew. Living as the boss had its own set of difficulties when it came to trust, so the shrewd woman combed her fleet for killers she could count on when her the stakes were high.

Please fucking tell me there's more folks like you around here.
— Nubia
to Alara after her victory


Local Kombat

In the year 6 A.R, Nubia started a small trip around her biggest ships, sending out messages to all the sub-captains. Show me the best your lot has to offer, was all the message said. Eager to impress the cold Captain, each ship commander polished and primed their best warriors. Promotions were in their eyes as they presented what they felt to be their sharpest killer. To Nubia, it was all the same dumb meat she had seen day after day. For her personal entourage, she needed a special something you wouldn’t just find in any old oceanic meathead. With each visit, she would listen to each sub-captains groveling and eye over their presented champion. Usually with clear disdain practically gleaming from her bald head. After the 5th weak and disappointing showing, Nubia spied a small woman glaring at her from the corner of the deck. She matched the woman’s steely gaze with equal determination.

After a moment she asked one of the sub-captains who the quiet figure in the corner was. Alara was her name, and she wasn’t on the list to show, her one-armed status had made her an outcast among outcast. Nubia dismissed the shortsighted men as she knew what exactly what that look was. It was the same she saw gazing back at her when gazing in the mirror.

The door to the bank crashed in with a thunderous crack. Several figures sauntered in through the debris fluttering in the air. As the smoke cleared, the disoriented teller sitting on the other side of the room began to make out the scene.

His eyes widened as his head cleared as his brain started to register the twin trademarks of the woman in front of him. A gleaming bald head and brood eagle perching majestically on her shoulder.

"Nubia" he whispered.

His eyes wavered over to the colossal hunk of a man towering over her and a petite one-armed woman. His eyes darted back and forth as the situation he was in started to dawn on him.

1, 2, 3. Wait. He'd read the bulletins, he knew who this pirate team was. They were a team of four. His hand inched slowly toward the just slightly raised beige button on the underside of the desk in front of him.

"Please, press it. The way you smell makes me wonder what color your blood is." a voice whispered sweetly in his ear. He froze as he felt the cold sting of steel pressed to the side of his throat. That made four.

"Killer Krew" he whimpered as feeling left his legs. His knees clattering against the sides of his desk.

The cold captain of Heaven's Fall sneered slowly at the words. Her eyes slowly sweeping over the teller, his eyes now full of tears.

"Such an annoying name" she spat out with a tsk of her teeth.


Too Kool for Them

The deal Nubia offered her was simple. Beat one of the champions brought to her that day, and she’d consider the one-armed bandit as a candidate. Alara beat all the candidates day. Single-handedly. The wily nature and quick thinking of the supposedly handicapped woman were clear. Clear that they had underestimated her, another obvious reason for Heaven’s Fall decline under the previous Captainship. As Alara knelt in front of Nubia, drenched in the blood of the men she had beaten unconscious, the other sub-captains were sealed silent. They had not only failed to impress the captain but ended up exposing their shortcomings. As Nubia ignored their pleas, she turned to Alara and simply asked her, “Are their more like you in this fleet.” The quiet woman nodded yes, the kind of curt and exact response the Pirate Lord favored. From that day on Alara was the right hand to the Captain of Heaven’s Fall. And together they would spend the next few months traveling across the fleet, picking the most unusual of pirates hiding amongst the average ones.


Komplete Loyalty

The disturbingly quiet Alara did indeed have her finger to the pulse of Heaven's Fall gossip. She was able to think of a few candidates off the top of her head. The parameters were simple. They had to be non-conventional, skillful and most importantly, loyal. Heaven's Fall was a crew she could trust, within reason. But Nubia wanted a level of loyalty deeper than the norm. Her goals required a crew that wouldn't blink twice at taking an order. From that point on it was Alara that did the headhunting. Within a year the duo had found the other two members to fill out the four-person squad. Nivan was the next member to be scouted to the team, her cold attitude and swift hands stirred up feelings of familiarity with Nubia. La'Skrin was perhaps the most unusual pick of the bunch. The enormous slab of a man stood over 2 meters tall with shoulders that looked like they could support the very world. Lastly, and perhaps most important to Nubia, is the Brood eagle, Bloodhawk. The sharp-eyed eagle never strays far from the Captain's side. A diverse crew, all fiercely loyal to each other and the king of the seas, Nubia.


Where the Killer Krew goes, destruction follows


The Krew

Second in Command, Alara

Alara Mini Banner
Alara by T'umo Mere
Of the entire crew, Alara's history with Nubia is the most known. The one-armed second in command has managed to achieve a goal thought impossible. To be quieter than the notoriously stoic Captain. Amongst the fleet, the pair are often called "The Ghosts" due to their uncanny ability to go unseen in a room for a disturbingly long time. Silent and still they'll stand, absorbing in the room before someone finally notices their presence. The two are the seemingly the closest of comrades, with Nubia seeking Alara's counsel frequently. That's mostly due to their other commonality. Swift and exacting statements punctuated with violence. Ocean life has a nasty habit of underestimating those who defy the common design. The sea floor is littered with the corpse of men who thought challenging a 1.5 meter, single-armed woman would be trivial. Alara is a prime example of why size doesn't matter. Especially when you're quick with a knife.


Master of Arms, Nivan

Nivan by T'umo Mere
Nivan is different. At first, it's easy to mistake her as quiet, as she never just chats. When she does speak though, the illusion of a quiet woman is quickly shattered. Some of the random things that she's uttered in public have left people disgusted, horrified, or confused. Sometimes all three. Her favorite topic hovers around her self-professed love of weapons. All weapons. If it's capable of killing a human, Nivan will probably fawn over it. Or add it to her collection, by force if need be. Her love of weapons is equally matched by her skill with them. Her title of Master of Arms was given to her as a personal title, not as a ship title. One earned in battle as, during one failed raid by a rival crew, Nivan cycled through 34 different weapons scattered around the battle. Each one used flawlessly, and brutally to clear the deck of the ship of the outmatched rivals. We know it was exactly 34 weapons used in that battle. Because she currently has everyone displayed in her quarters. Bloodstains still intact. As is often said, Nivan is different.

Where did the name come from? I don't know, it just kind of popped up ya know? A crew like that shows up on land robbin' yer bank, ya gotta start calling them something right? I don't think much bout it.

All I know is Cap fuckin' HATES it. So don't go sayin it to her face if you wanna yours.
— Sailor on the "Whistful Dream"

Master of Tactics, La'Skrin

La'skrin mini banner
La'Skrin by T'umo Mere
As is the tradition for the Killer Krew, La'Skrin is a silent man. An enormous giant 2-meter tall slab of silent man. When the group walks into an area, it's often La'Skrin that's mistaken for the leader, or at the very least, the muscle. While La'Skirn is indeed every bit as powerful as he looks, he's actually a bit of a pacifist. When it comes to a situation, the hulking man is most likely to advocate for a non-violent solution. On top of that, he never does so using his frame, instead, he often educates to illustrate his point. Everyday philosophy from a towering man covered in armor. His origins are largely unknown, but rumors say he's a former Celestial Shield running from his past. La'Skrin's academic level knowledge of battle tactics is not only vital to Heaven's Fall, but also adds further credence to the rumors. Some of the members of his ship Dawn's Light joke that he's the heart of the Killer Krew. Just not while he's around, gentle or not, he's still 2 meters of brawn.


Master of Flight, Bloodhawk

Brood Eagle Banner
Brood Eagle by Swordsfall
Don't call him a pet. Never call Bloodhawk, a pet. The last person who made that mistake now has to explain to strangers why he's missing an eye. Bloodhawk is a Brood Eagle, a species of eagle that originates from a disappearing island. The species is extremely rare, with almost all of the eagles returning to the island of Martalos when it appears. Bloodhawk was not one of them. The eagle came to the captain of Heaven's Fall during the last Trial of Kings to drop off an invitation to the contest. People have killed over an invite where the prize is to be a king of a magically vanishing island nation. Nubia though had no such aspirations. She ripped up the invite in full view of the eagle and her crew. The eagle glowered at the captain and the captain glared back. The bird soared down from its perch and onto the captain's shoulder in approval. This is where he stayed even after an unknown victor won the Trials, causing the island to disappear once again. Brood Eagles uncanny sense of direction and world navigation has made Bloodhawk essential when navigating the seas or towns.



The command structure on the Killer Krew is pretty straight forward. Whatever Nubia says, goes. If for whatever the Captain isn't around, then Alara is the one in command. That's about as far as the command goes. Beyond that, each member is more than skilled enough to function on their own.


When it comes to jobs that the Killer Krew are doing, they're infamous for one thing. The total act of surprise. Not only does Nubia rarely tell her men she's leaving, often just leaving a note with special instructions. This always allows them to get the jump on anyone, even if there is a mole in the mix.

They take this model to the jobs they run as well. Owners will go from everything ok one second to being tied up and being robbed badly in the next. The method is fast and effective.



Nubia and her right-hand woman, Alara was instrumental in gathering the other two members.

Killer Krew Portrait
Nubia, Leader of Killer Krew by T'umo Mere

Another finished job by the Killer Krew

Heaven's Fall Flag
Heaven's Fall Official Flag

The Captain

Nubia is singularly different from any other pirate on the waters now or before. Her place in the Krew sits as its Captain, but also as something more. The Pirate Lord finds an odd sort of peace robbing banks and people close to the Grand Divide. Yet she treats her inner circle like family. The kind of family you openly mock. But still family.

6 A.R
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by
Members Nubia

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What a stupid name for a landing party.
— Nubia
Captain of Heaven's Fall, Commander of Killer Krew

Cover image: Killer Krew by T'umo Mere


Author's Notes

For further adventures be sure to read Nubia's article as well as Heaven's Fall.

I like to think of them as the pirate A-Team mixed with some Firefly style robbery.

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