Kent Musa

Pioneer, Visionary, Non-Beilever

CEO of Omicron Technologies

The head of Omicron Technologies is the advent of most of the technology used on Tikor. Though he's just as often seen living lavishly and traveling around Tikor. However, as easy as he makes it look now, it wasn't such an easy road to the top.


Kent Musa started from modest beginnings, though he wouldn't admit to it these days. He grew up a poor Dracon boy from a small village in Garuda where the work was hard but everyone was happy. A brutal drought that year decimated the majority of the village's crops. With their reserves running low, they prayed to their village Demigods for help. They brought offers to his land and upon his shrine but he refused. He merely stared down from atop his dwelling, built into a colossal tree, content to watch them starve.
Musa Mountain

The Sacrifice

As food became dire, in some last act of parental love, the adults hoarded what was left for the children. Lead by the young doctor's apprentice, Tommy Feltz, they were lead out from their home in search of help. Or food, or shelter, or anything other than the gnawing hunger that clawed at them. The children were all optimistic at first, blissfully unaware that their parents had to shepherd them off with a hollow smile. As the days of walking droned on, it became clear to all the children that they might not make it back home, and that their parents and birthplace were lost to them.



After two weeks of wandering through the central forest of Garuda , they finally came across help. A logging town called Halwinter. The grizzled lumber workers were shocked at the condition of the kids as they shuffled through the town gates. Half the children had perished during the perilous trek through the wild country. The ordeal had sent all the remaining survivors into shock. It took a few days before Musa and the other children could tell them how they arrived here. Eventually, a few of the loggers were able to figure out where Musa and the children had come from, and they sent a single runner to send help. However, a few weeks later the runner returned with the solemn but expected news; the children were the sole survivors of their settlement.

Crisis of Faith

How could he believe in gods that wouldn't lift a finger to save their own followers? Musa couldn't get over that thought, it tore at him at night. His parents had reared him to have faith in the power of The Divinity but, at this point in his life, he hadn't seen any of the love and devotion they so spoke of. The townsfolk of Halwinter took in Musa and the other newly orphaned and raised them as their own. Though with each prayer ceremony, Kent believed less and less in what it was all about.


Journey around the World

Once he became of age, Musa decided he needed to set off to see the world. To see if lands existed without gods. He traveled to the south coast of Garuda and joined up on a fishing boat where he spent years traveling The Grand Divide. He was a voracious learner and picked up all the tricks he could in his few years aboard. However, everywhere he went he saw the gods and watched many do nothing to better humanity. Surely somewhere humans were prospering without the need for divine intervention? A chance encounter would fatefully answer that question.

Raiders of the Grimm

They say that even the most careful of plans sometimes fail. That's exactly what happened the day they strayed too close to Grimnest waters. The area was well known for pirates and their stealthy raids on vulnerable fishing vessels after a fresh harvest. Somehow they had arrived far further than was safe and was greeted by a pack of Grimnest skiffs. The boat was seized and all the people on board were given a choice; either join or swim. Musa, like most, joined. At this point, he had already silently resigned to himself that the gods were simply a part of their world and that being a pirate servant felt about par for the course.


Unconventional Family

Much to his surprise, the pirate life wasn't as awful as he had imagined. They were sailing farther than he had ever ventured before. As the days grew into weeks, he realized he never heard them refer to gods. Musa also came to find that these pirates were a gather of all treasure, including books. He would sneak off into the room where the books were held and sneak a few out at a time. The books were of subjects he never heard, things that he was always told were impossible at best, anathema at worse. As the veil continued to be raised, Musa became more adjusted to the lifestyle. After a number of years on the sea, he had worked himself up from scum who scrubbed the deck, to a vice-captain.
Pirate Coast


After spending almost half a decade as a pirate, Kent was ready for more; to do so much more. At this point, he heard that Grimnest was lawless, but also had no gods. He had never gone past the port city in Southern Grimnest and it was finally time to explore. His choices were slim, ask to be released and risk execution, or escape and go rogue. In the end, Musa realized that he was debating on it using pirate logic. He was not truly a pirate. With that in mind, he slipped off the boat in the middle night. He disappears for a number of years until showing up in the Northlands of Grimnest. When he reappears he does so with some strange individuals.

Hostile Takeover

Together with his mysterious new associates, they used any means necessary to make a foothold step by step. They started with the rapid take over of the biggest coastal town, Nugao. They bribed and coerced where they could. People disappeared who they couldn't turn. His time as a buccaneer had taught him how to effectively use force. Within the year he was the head of Nugao, and everyone in the town who had a problem with an ascension was ushered out. With his own foothold complete, he started on a plan he had devised during his absence.


The Unsworn

When Musa returned and took over Nugao, he didn't do so alone. Seven strange men and women were often seen with the ex-pirate. The only thing the public knows is their group name, The Unsworn. A collection of rogue scientists, heretics, and mystics; intellectual minds willing to push the boundaries in search for the truth. Different disciplines but of mind in one thing, a total denouncement of the gods. Through their various studies, abilities, and techniques, they served as the eyes and ears for Kent. While their individual motives are unclear, what is clear is their devotion to Musa and the dream he seeks to fulfill.


All Knowledge

When Musa envisioned a world without gods he imagined a world where knowledge, intellect, and science were the new gods. Predictable gods that could be called on when needed. Gods that could be quantified and defined in the sum of letters and numerals. He wanted to combine all the known science's of the world and build something that competes with anything the gods could think of. To do this, he needed to have influence and territory. With the aid of his Unsworn, he set about the first stage of his ambitious plan, create a city of tomorrow.


The Future City, Prime

The speed at which Nugao transformed was astonishing. Within 10 years, the small fishing town had become a metropolis, spreading out along the coast. The key to success was the mix of technology, alchemy, and science that Musa and his following had cultivated. Mankind had been on Tikor for a long time, and the breadth of knowledge was breathtaking. Until Kent, no one had dared to gather it all. Eventually, the town would end up being renamed Prime . A simple but strong name that reflected the image the rising star portrayed. Free of divine rule and simply mans rule, Prime became a center for those looking to get away from what they felt like were the shackles of gods. While much of Grimnest felt like the wild, Prime had order; a strict, ruthless but rational order. Musa installed a government to control the burgeoning megacity, The Alpha Mali.




Omicron Comes Online

With a stronghold like no other and with Prime having its own government, Musa was free to pursue his second agenda. The birth of his company, Omicron Technologies . Omicron was a home to all intellectuals around Tikor who wanted to pursue knowledge without the constraint of holier figures. Mankind helping mankind. As word spread about the organization, it didn't take long for ship after ship to wade in. Those looking to join, those looking to sell those in Prime, and those simply looking to get away from vengeful gods and strict cultural rules.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Because Musa does not subscribe to worshipping deities, he's extremely particular in how he dresses. He makes sure none of his clothing has anything that could mistake for a fetish or divine symbol. He goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't do what he calls, "Feeding the Cycle."   The Unsworn and Omicron as a whole has modeled this partner of extreme non-bias clothing.

"We Have the Power, Not the Gods.."
Omicron Flag
Omicron Technologies Banner
Current Location
The Karu
Honorary & Occupational Titles
CEO of Omicron Technologies, Chair Boardman at Alpha Mali
Biological Sex
Light Brown
Short Black Afro
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If we weren't so great then we'd be in cages like the livestock we attend to"
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Omicron Technologies
Other Affiliations

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