The Northern land of The Divinity

The fertile grasslands and its surrounding forest region makes up the region known as Garuda.



The land known as Garuda consists mainly of large grasslands and various levels of forest type areas. All topped with a robust and snowy mountain range in the north that lead clear to the Divide. Its natural border to the west ends with the Enkai Mountain range. The living mountain god forbids almost all passage over his craggy body, forming a hard border with the country on the other side, Grimnest. A half circle of dense tropical like rainforest covers the west part of Garuda from Enkai until it breaks into The Isle. The most interesting border though is Garudas eastern border. The grasslands give way to marsh as they head east and into the Hawklore border. The curious element is that the marshland isn't so treacherous as to be impossible to travel. The eastern land that Hawklore occupies is abundant with natural resources, making Garuda's reluctance to expand there curious. Many researchers believe that the God King Hawken most likely had much to do with that decision.


Forest Builders

The land that would be eventually called Garuda was settled by a group of people called The Karu. The Karu at the time were a culture of nature-focused architects. Created by the divine entity, Garuda the Phoenix, the Karu live in harmony with the land named from their creator. Over time, they've used their nature guiding concept of architecture to weave a vast society throughout the dense tropical rainforest of west Garuda. The bulk of the population and the hub of their society settled into the grasslands of central Garuda. It's in the more temperate and even climate that the Karu have built their enormous and elaborate temples to their deities, The Divinity. These monuments to their gods weren't just to revel them, but also serve as an inviting home for their often enigmatic gods.


Shrines to the Undying

Dotted across the grasslands of Garuda lie a number of huge yet elegant buildings. Each one different, but each one a shrine to one of The Divinity. The size of these structures has to be seen to believe, and stand as testaments to the sheer building ability of the Karu. These temples serve as large and ornate reflections of the people's love for their deities. Each major member of The Divinity has his or her own city, with its own separate following that grew around these massive monuments. Although often separated by large swaths of land, The Karu in general worship each of The Divinity in some form or another.



Garuda, while name to the entire region, is an in a sense more of a united kingdom of regions. The central area is the predominant center of power and the seat of power in the region. At the beginning of the Divine Era, there was no central base of power. The Karu had spread across the plains and deep into the forest as well. With only their numerous deities being a focal point for human activity. The most powerful deities of the region eventually decided to combine forces. This group would be called The Divinity, though eventually all of the major Garuda deities would fall under this title. The Divinity designated a number of humans as ones of exceptional ability. Those chosen humans would all end up making the major house of power of Garuda. With the eventual leading family being the Zencora family. Of which they would eventually become the family that kings were born from.

Garuda mid banner


Divine Order

The Divinity are deities born from Garuda the Phoenix and play an active role in the lives of Garudians. Despite what the historians believe are the total number of deities in Garuda, it is commonly held that there are some that have escaped the history books. Garuda makes up the single biggest landmass on Tikor, and it's hidden valley of forest make it even more likely to hold hidden deities. While these fringe deities are largely on their own, The Divinity members have a following that is a mix of official and unofficial. Each of The Divinity has a special guard a member of the Celestial Shields of the Eternal Flame. The Shields themselves are reflective of their deities and often have unusual abilities granted through study and their patron. The protection of the deity’s city and people is their goal in life.


Midnight Society

The central plains of Garuda rise into a series of foothills that become the Adras Mountains. It's in those foothills and the surrounding mountain range that The See'er call home. The See'er are the second culture that calls Garuda home. Though the See'er themselves have no ties to Garuda, their divine creator being the mysterious Ro'og. Nested in a remote area of the world, The See'er sit almost completely self-sufficient, down to the rugs in their homes. This doesn't stop travelers from making the journey for the remote people have said to be able to see the future. Once a year they hold a ceremony for their Ro'og and rumors abound of a secret society that can give glimpses into the future.


The geography of Garuda varies dramatically depending on which portion you head to. Central Garuda is primarily grasslands and gorgeous savannahs. To the west lies the dense tropical rainforest. Then to the north, you have foothills that give way to the biggest mountain range in Garuda, the Adras. The eastern border becomes marsh and swamps before it meets the border to Hawklore. Then finally to the south, you have the most coveted and restricted area, the beaches of Southern Garuda where the chosen families live.

Natural Resources


The need to construct structures will always fuel the need for timber and Garuda has an abundance. However, while Garuda is a major supplier of timber, it heavily regulates where trees may be cut. The balance between the mortals and nature spirits has always been a tenuous one. The Divinity often ends up intervening in most cases, causing the need for a stricter enforcement of timber laws. The infamous Creeping Green Incident of 1960 D.A, in which a logging camp of over 200 workers were killed by vengeful forest vines, would cement the regulation.



The discovery of plants and trees that produce a waterproof sap caused the forest of Garuda to further in importance. The leeching of the sap is a process not harmful to the trees or the wildlife around it, causing it to be one of the safer ways to utilize the forest. The rubber is used in tires for transport vehicles, waterproofing homes, etc.



Both the western forest and the central plains are famous for the sheer variety of plants and herbs that grow. Skilled herbalist can take many of the herbs and turn them into a variety of salves, tonics, tinctures and other healing types. Other herbs are turned into spices used to enhance and/or preserve food. The amount of knowledge needed to properly apply these herbs to humans has caused there to be very few, but highly respected, schools of medicine.



The flat central plains of Garuda make it a prime location to raise cattle and other livestock. The Karu, while being prolific architects, were also adept at animal husbandry. Sometimes due to the stress of early life in Garuda, but also due to the way animal pieces can be useful in art or architecture.

Garuda Portrait

The Northern Mountain Range

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Order of the Divine Phoenix Flag

The Divine Order of the Phoenix Official Flag

One Name, Many Gods

While the name of the land itself may be Garuda, that doesn't mean that the Phoenix was the only Divine Entity to grace life on its lands. As best as can be told so far, at some time during the Divine Wars, other Divine Entities came to a growing world. Ro'og is one of those gods that came after Ishvana's Sacrifice.

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