Enkai the Mountain

The Impassable

The Mountain of God

Between Grimnest and Garuda lies a large mountain range is known to surrounding villagers as The Mountain of God.  

Origins in Stone

Legends say two rival deities fought nearly to the death. But rather than kill the defeated opponent, he was sealed within the mountain itself. Elders say once upon a time the mountain god was kind and would rain great weather down upon the valley. Those days are far over though. While many envision a mountain deity to be more abundant with wisdom, Enkai does none of the sorts. He, in fact, tries to keep visitors away from him at all cost.

You Shall Not Pass

Enkai no longer allows any person to cross his range. There are tales of surge winds out of the blue that sweep travelers off the path and over the craggy sides. Freak avalanches and shadowy creatures at night make it all but impossible to make it over safely. Even deities themselves are not immune from Enkai's wrath. Any time a deity has dared stepped foot onto the base of the mountain range an intense rumbling can be heard. The vast summit can be seen glowing and an immense pressure fills the air. While the Mountain God doesn't care, humans, he especially dislikes Garuda's children.


Cult of the Deep

This, however, doesn't stop dozens of people everywhere from trying to cross Enkai. Lately, though the locals have said they've seen robed figures heading onto the mountain pass steadily one by one. What could be going on at the top of The Mountain of God? Talk around Grimnest is that a dangerous cult has settled on to the mountain. The locals have called them Cult of the Deep in whispers. Either way, most stay away from the mountain range, between Enkai and rumors of a shadow cult, nothing good happens there.

Divine Domains

Mountains, Earth

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A mountain. An actual, literal, mountain.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: Everyone


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2 Sep, 2018 07:01

Who doesn't love a living mountain? I love living mountains :D   "While the Mountain God doesn't care, humans, he especially dislikes Garuda's children." - Did you mean care about humans?   "Dislikes: Everyone" Bwhaha

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Glad you liked it! This is actually an early stub, so it has MUCH to flesh out and work on. Thanks for pointing out the typo, I'm sure there were others. Stay tuned for a better mountain :D

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