Ebon Cascade

Where the Sun sets, The World Ends

Tucked western of the vast Vinyatian desert lies what feels like the End of the World.




Danger Zone

As far as humanity is concerned, the livable parts of the Southern Hemisphere end at the Twilight's Edge, the enormous chasm that keeps Ramnos safe. For on the other side of the chasm lies a land so foul that none dare enter. The Ebon Cascade. It, along with The Canopy, are the only two places universally considered dangerous.


Tainted Lands

In the case of the cascade, the evidence is immediately clear from its eastern edge. Its side of the Edge is a series of foul waterfalls. The poisonous runoff from the tainted rivers that flow from the center of the area. The mist from the fall’s floats in the area like a curtain of death. The rest of the area is elevated high above sea level, leaving a perilous climb for any foolish adventurers.

The Ebon Cascade is like a sore spot on Tikor. Open, festering and infected.
— Unknown
Quoted in Ramnos


Ever Dusk

The area earned its name from its infamous skies. Adume's light makes the whole Southern Hemisphere brighter than the surrounding surface of the planet, everywhere except the cascade. The sunlight seems to flow toward the area, toward the center. Give an almost swirling visage of ever-present dusk. Light itself seems to be swallowed by the area.


Shadow Obsidian

An ultra-rare mineral known only as Shadow Obsidan only comes from one place in the world. The cascade. The mineral absorbs light when electrified rather than emit it. This almost unnatural property makes its usage in Hekan arts extremely valuable. As well, The Mali-kar, the people of Ramnos, have developed ways to use it as a cooling device. This makes the Ebon Cascade an enticed target for adventures with more passion than knowledge, and most never return for their expeditions.



A flat arid desert meets arid plainlands, all corrupted and dripping in poison. The land is dotted with large old trees that have adapted to the decreased light and dry conditions. Creatures known as the Asayman, stalk the central plains during the daytime and congregate around the large deposits in the center of the Cascade.

Cover image: by Kevin Hou


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