Ebon Cascade

Mostly uninhabited, and largely unexplored even to this day. Home of a host of deadly creatures and monsters.   The only source of a mineral called Shadow Obsidian. It has strange properties to the point where they often thought of as cursed. Shadow obsidian gets its name from its ability to seemingly consume light.   It got its name from the eerie darkness that permeates even during the peak of daytime. They say you can almost see the daylight being drained toward the center at dusk.   Creatures known as the Asayman, stalk the central plains during the daytime and congregate around the large deposits in the center of the Cascade.


Flat arid desert meets arid plainlands.   Large old trees that have adapted to the decreased light and dry conditions.
Location under
Southern Hemisphere of Tikor

Cover image: Dusk by Kevin Hou


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