Brood Eagle

The Exotic Bird from a Vanishing Island

The elusive eagle only comes from one place on Tikor, the mysterious Sanctum of Martalos. It's rare but celebrity status has made the bird the ultimate pet for those lucky enough to obtain them.



Upon its arrival, flocks of brood eagles come streaming in from the magical Sanctum of Martalos, signaling the start to the Trial of Kings . These birds, however, are not found anywhere else but that one magical island. No one is quite sure yet why Brood Eagles only come from Martalos, though many theories exist. Along with the island home's creator, the source of the exotic bird is shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions.


Stay for Fun

One of the most common ways that people have acquired Brood Eagles is simple, the foreign avian simply decides to stay. After delivering their personal invitations, some Brood Eagles simply stay upon arrival. Some of the earliest recorded information on the crimson and ebony bird come from the people who discovered that the eagle has set up shop near their home. Brood Eagles have been shown to be fairly territorial, so often arriving at a location and simply deciding it is theirs. Defending its territory with spectacular dive bombs over would-be trespassers. After a generous amount of bribery via food, these eagles can sometimes be persuaded to set up shop in ones home.


Return Home

The strangest phenomena related to Brood Eagles is when the mysterious island, Martalos reappears. When Martalos first reappears from its time, who knows where flocks of Brood Eagles are released. Most return home after delivering their payload. Some of those birds, as mentioned early, choose to stay on Tikor rather than return. Given the length of time between visits and the bird's average lifespan of 30 years, once a bird decides to stay, it's the last time they see home. However, something interesting happens to Brood Eagle's born on Tikor. For the most part, the bird adapts to its environment, however, when the island comes back, even young eagles who have never seen the island respond and return home with its brethren. A few pet owners have been shocked to watch their second generation Broodling fly off toward Martalos, never to be seen again. There is further evidence to show the link between the island and the eagles, even young untrained Brood Eagles can hear the sound of the island and respond in kind.


Status Symbol

The beautiful ebony bird has become a sort of status symbol over the last few decades. While the bird itself is rare to see outside of the Trials, less than a hundred of the birds are suspected to be on Tikor, and recent events have made it even more valued. The Longest Night changed how the world looked at events and communication. The extraordinary sensory location of the Brood Eagle has made them a hot commodity recently. The training of a Brood Eagle is anything but easy, but worth it when completed. Some of the richest and most powerful are using the enigmatic eagle to ferry secret messages around the world. The bird's speed and accuracy make it a great option among more prying times.

Brood Eagle Midbanner

Basic Information


The Brood Eagle is a striking bird with charcoal dark feathers and a reddish orange beak. The strange eagle bears its name from its eternally somber look. With its slightly hooked bill and dark feathers, when the Brood Eagle stares down at a person, it does so with almost disdain.

The dark bird of prey is almost completely quiet. The bird has become infamous for surprising invitation recipients by silently waiting for them to be noticed. Quietly staring down at the receiver.

Biological Traits

While the Brood Eagle is from the Accipitridae family, it differs from its cousins in a few key areas. The first and arguably biggest difference is their sensory capabilities. The Brood Eagle has a highly developed sense of direction, while not clear how researchers believe it comes from a heightened ability to see magnetic waves. This allows the bird to use the changed topography as a sort of magnetic driven GPS.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

High intelligent bird. But its stubborn temperament halts its ability to be used for "tricks".

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Brood Eagles have an almost supernatural level of sensory ability. Somehow, the rare eagle is able to pinpoint a person's whereabouts even when they're on the move. Researchers can't figure out exactly what part of the Brood allows them to find a person anyone in the world.

Brood Eagle Portrait

The Territorial Bird

Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Brood Eagles are in a strange category of being extinct and active at the same time. They only come from Martalos, but it's a question of if they originate from there, or if it's their last bastion. The animal community has tried since the first Trials of the King, to gather Brood Eagles in an effort to repopulate them.
Average Weight
2 to-2.6 kg (4 to 6 lbs)
Average Length
6 foot 1-inch Wingspan
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

Black, ebony shaded foliage from feet to head. Beak and face run a dark red to lit cream orange color.

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