Beginning of the Fifth Expedition

A journey into the dark unknown


To the west of Ramnos lies a cursed and tainted land. The Ebon Cascade. For many in Ramnos, it serves as a constant threat. A source of horrors that sometimes makes their way across the enormous chasm that separates the lands. For others, it's an untouched frontier and a potential source of riches. Ultra-rare and valuable Shadow Obsidian sits in enormous quantities here, just waiting to be mined.

But so far, no one has been able to establish a permanent foothold in the blighted lands. Many have tried and in fact, the nation of Ramnos has helped fund four previous attempts into the Ebon Cascade. All have failed. However, under the rule of King Matan Longisus, a new directive has now been given. The wildlands to the west will finally be tamed.

The Fifth Expedition

A young visionary and Trakker, Amarey Hambo, has taken up the task of leading the Fifth Expedition. The bold new company undertaking the expedition has come up with a solution for reaching the Ebon Cascade in a somewhat safe manner. They are not just trying to forge a way into the land, but instead have taken to laying tracks for a railway. The goal is to create a permanent and safe option for exploring deeper into the land. One track at a time.

The future Obisidian Line.

Amarey combined her talent as a Trakker with the skills of an Ellementalist to develop a new surveying device. This new tool can work even in the uniquely toxic environment of the Cascade. When combined with the latest in biotech, cutting edge train tech, and a band of hearty adventurers, perhaps the impossible is possible.


There are three central themes to The Ebon Expedition

  • Exploration
  • Adventure
  • Madness
  The main theme is Exploration. The Ebon Cascade is a largely unknown land. Many of the explorers that have ventured there have never returned. The knowledge that people do have of the area is scant. Every inch of the expedition will be packed with things unseen. This naturally leads the second theme, Adventure.

The Cascade is not a safe space for anyone, and exploring unknown and dangerous places will always lead to adventure. For some though the adventure will be self-inflicted. The land of blight has many things to see and trouble to find. The trouble? This is where Madness comes into play.

Something is in the very air in the Cascade. It can twist the senses and warp the mind. The creatures that walk the lands here are deformed and wicked in ways one can only dream of. And of course there is the constant stress of being on edge, day, after day. And as your crew members slowly start to perish on the journey, how do you hold up?

Cover image: by Kevin Hou


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