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Tikor is a world where deities and spirits are as real as the nature that surrounds them. Since the earliest writings of humans, the gods have been there. They are apart of the very makeup of society. Humans were in fact, created by the gods.

History, however, changes over the course of one long night when a northern diety is assassinated at the hands of what seems to be a foreign spy. A deity had never been slain by mortal hands, and as tensions soared under a long Tikor night, a bloody battle erupts between the two sides. A truce is called once a truth is revealed, but not before irreversible damage to both sides is done.

Once thought to be just a myth weapons capable of killing gods have been unearthed, Grim Arms.

The world heaves as the one constant, the gods themselves, waver and a new struggle begins.

Welcome to Swordsfall
Generic article | Dec 5, 2018

Welcome to Swordsfall. Your introduction into the world of living gods. Start here if your new to the world.


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    The world map of Tikor

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