Xevin Boewulf

Written by Shimantha

Master Xevin "Boe" Boewulf

It was a deadly silent night on Balmorra. Silent in the air and quivering in the Force.   The five Jedi contingents camped beside the separatists and while three of them worked with the wounded one rested in a meditation and one were standing to take some guard duty. Everyone in the group was on alert however, because of this silence. The separatist’s group leader, Tamir Dar, spoke with the one that was assigned to be the Jedi mouthpiece about this silence, but not even the Jedi knew.   “Not Sith or the Imperial army,” Jedi Master Irac Pool said when he got asked about it. “This is something else.”   Three hours later, hell broke loose when a large pod of colicoids forced their way through the camp and the separatists woke up to their last fight. The insectoids were relentless, slashing through the camp with a frenzy that, in hind side, only could be described as starvation. It was known that these creatures ate toxic waste, but they didn’t hesitate to eat anything if need be. When they had passed, only three beings was still breathing, three Jedi.   Master Sanila Aagin Evertson, Master Xevin Boewulf and Master Irac Pool. All three injured, and the woman, Sanila, dying.   Xevin sat on the ground, holding her in his arms, reassuring her within the Force that she could let go whenever she felt ready. Both Irac and Xevin had tried to heal her, but her body was severely broken, too broken to fix, so she had asked them to stop.   Icas had nodded and stopped his work in respect of her wish and after a few whispered words about the Force, he now stood to guard them from further attacks while the couple on the ground said their goodbyes. They had been lovers once, Xevin and Sanila, but was asked by the Jedi Council to stay apart and pledge their lives to the Jedi instead. Both had concented to it and before going to Balmorra, they hadn’t met many times after the separation.   And now, when everything felt like too late, she was minutes from joining the Force. Xevin felt it as she slipped away from him and he whispered in mirakulese,   “No fear, Sanila. Ashla and Bogan are gentle and embraces you already.”   “There is only... the Force,” she breathed back with an attempt to smile at him, “And we will all be a part of it.”   “It fills me with pride,” he said, trying to smile back, “… to have loved you.”   “I …” she tried for a deep breath, “… I loved you… too.”   The last part came out with her dying breath and he sat with her body in his arms for a minute longer, giving her the words that a widowed miralukan man would have said.   When he got to his feet, still with her in his arms, he said, “There is no death, there is the Force.”   His face a solid mask of no feelings, he turned to Icas who nodded.   “Let us tend to the fallen separatists and then we go home with ours.”   Together they lay the three fallen Jedi on stretchers, swept in their robes. And a week later, they attended the burning of their worldly remains on Tython.   And from that day, Xevin became the stern, ortodox and harsh hard man that we see today. The scars on his face reminding him everyday of the pain involved with love and attachments. His life got buried in work, training and more work, the pain in him resided, but never the memories.

Physical Description

Body Features

Well-trimmed and appears to be agile.

Facial Features

Red high-tech looking covers over the eye sockets. Scars from a colicoid covering his left cheek, chin and forehead.

Identifying Characteristics

A tattoo of the two gods, Ashla and Bogan, covers most of his throat and neck.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a knight garb, lightly armored. Silver plated sabers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Coruscant and strong in the Force, he ended up in the Jedi Temple at a young age to be educated. At the age of 17 he got knighted by Master Erudan Kast and moved to Tython to extend his education. He is educated in Sith and Jedi Lore, psychology and Galactic history.   At the age of 20 his physique and interest of ways to defend oneself got him the post of Instructor and he was also starting to partake in the work of mind-altering and re-educating ex-sith.   At the age of 25 he got his Master-title and he now rarely works off-world. Due to his work, he hasn’t got any Padawan and he will unlikely take one. He participated in the defense of Coruscant and he also fought for the Republic on Balmorra.   From his parents, he learned about his miraluka heritage, the language and the two gods, Ashla and Bogan. He believes in the Force, no Light or Dark, and to keep truth at heart.   His firm and strict ways are often taken for coldness, that he doesn’t care. Strongly believes that you gain serenity through hard physical work or training, his students learn various ways of fighting and defending techniques and how to combine that with the Jedi way.   Was once engaged to be married to Sanila Aagin Evertson, but was asked to step away and work with the Sith instead. The couple broke up and worked separately until she joined the Force on Balmorra. He's keeping close contact with her sister, Siniol, as she works within the Circle of Shadows too.


Jedi training on Coruscant
Philosophy education on Coruscant
Psychology education on Coruscant
Redeemer training on Tython
Sith and Jedi History on Tython
Combat training on Coruscant and Tython


The Jedi Order
Circle of Shadows

Intellectual Characteristics

Very strategic and has a well trained logistical mind

Morality & Philosophy

Orthodox Jedi, academic and strict. Low and firm voice. Calm. He keeps his ancestry as a miraluka at his heart, so he manages to keep the work as a Jedi separated from his private self.

Personality Characteristics


Sith are a plague and should be de-clawed. If that doesn't work, extinction is the only way.


Family Ties

Parents still alive, now living on Alpheridies.

Religious Views

Pays tribute to Ashla and Bogan
Pays respect to The Living Force

Occupation Jedi Redeemer, Combat Instructor
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Jedi Master
Year of Birth
26 BTC 41 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Brown hair, strictly combed back.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Nothing is impossible."
Aligned Organization
Circle of Shadows
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Miralukese (Native)
Galactic Basic


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