Written by BlueTyger

Auneh’moorl "Moorla" Nah’jima


Born into slavery, Moorla has changed owner several times during her years of growing up. While pretty enough she didn’t quite have, the right looks to fit as a dancer and was thus tried for several other roles. Her second last owner saw to giving her some proper education with the purpose of having her as a refined servant at his court – unfortunately he died from a dagger in his back before seeing that goal fulfilled and she was put back on sale.   Arriving to House Theral as the newest acquisition of Lord Varjomestari, she was quickly given her freedom and instead of forced to work offered employment with a decent wage. It took her by surprise, but she wasn’t a fool to decline – especially as the task the Sith Lord had in mind mainly would be to follow his apprentice and serve her as both an assistant and as an educator. While she knew the dangers, apprentices could prove to be, the Sith Lord gave her well enough confidence to feel she would be fairly safe. As well, the young apprentice seemed to catch a liking to her rather quickly.

Occupation Matron
Year of Birth
29 BTC 44 years old
Nal Hutta
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Ryl (Native)
Galactic Basic


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