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Jucas "Booger" Waark (a.k.a. Foxhole)

You see a young man with freckled light-green skin, spirited sea-blue eyes and a rich, well-kept red hair. Different geometrical shapes create intricate tattoo patterns on his upper body and face. He looks full of energy, and his whole disposition gives off a carefree but good-humoured air.
  A vagabond by heart, Jucas has spent most of his life travelling from place to place, too restless to stay tied down in the same spot for too long and following the path of least resistance whenever possible. His goals can be summed up as a goal of not having any defined goals. Or you could call his goal of not having goals a goal in itself. Basically, he just enjoys doing whatever he feels like at the time being.  

Recent Events

Being stuck on a military vessel with people he barely knows, even if they're supposedly co-workers, somewhere in the Unknown Regions, is perhaps the closest to a living nightmare Jucas has ever been. What started out as sounding like a cool, adventure-filled chase after a rogue agent is now a struggle to find the way home to familiar stars without falling prey to the countless of dangers lurking in the cold darkness of space.  


Being a restless and impatient soul who doesn’t want to stay tied down in the same spot for too long, Jucas prefers the simple, uncomplicated traveller’s life. It’s quite the same with people he meets. While he certainly enjoys the company of others, he tends to grow bored with them after a while, making him prone to just let old acquaintances slowly fade while continuously seeking to gain new interesting ones. Most contacts are rather shallow, fleeting businesses acquired under a myriad of handles, nicknames and aliases. His amiable nature and charm have earned him an easy time making friends, and his restlessness makes it hard for him to cultivate friendships deeper.   He enjoys partying, drinking (even though terrible at holding his booze), gossiping, games of chance and other lighter activities that don’t require too much of him and are easy to leave if necessary. He particularly loves food, and cheap beer. Free-spirited by heart he does have a bit of a difficulty handling authorities and superiors as well as dealing with chores and commitments.   In-between his socializing he spends weeks at a time in quiet seclusion aboard his scruffy-looking ship, drifting wherever the repulsor of it may happen to take him while appreciating all the views the galaxy has to offer. With so many long periods of being alone in his baggage, or just in the company of the ship’s AI Cewee, has given him the eccentric feature of being prone to just converse all the time, about everything and nothing, whether there’s anyone there caring to listen or not. He doesn’t like it when it’s just completely silent.  


Jucas is of average height with a gangly, wiry build and seems to be able to keep himself slim and fit-looking no matter what he decides to chow down. He has light-green skin, toward the yellow spectrum, with freckles. His spirited sea-blue eyes lend much to his energetic, carefree and good-humoured impression, which is often coupled with a charming smile. The stark red hair is cut short and preferably well-groomed, although if the wild locks rarely managed to keep a desired hairstyle for very long.   Even for a mirialan, Jucas has a lot of tattoos. While they follow the traditional geometrical shapes, he has decided to cover his upper body in intricate, fantastic patterns made from them. His facial tattoos are more modest and look more like the style one would expect him to wear.  


While he knows a lot of people all over the Galaxy, Jucas doesn't really have any long-standing relationships of any kind. His shallowness, egoism and carelessness has left plenty of broken hearts and angry minds in his trails.  

Special Abilities

Jucas doesn’t have any special abilities, aside perhaps having a good natural sense for orientation, good balance and being pretty good at fast-talking.  


Jucas is the oldest of three children of a pair of Tatooine moisture farmers. His mother and father, plus mother's parents, managed to escape from imperial slavery by freeloading on a large shipping freighter and ended up in the Arkanis Sector without much more than a few stolen credits and the clothes they wore. By the help of some sympathetic locals, they managed to get themselves a home built and then worked their way up to until they had a meager but at least steady existence working at a nearby moisture farm.   Ever since a child, Jucas proved to be mostly a menace and ended up causing the family trouble several times over the course of him growing up. It went to the point that once he announced that he was fed up being a mere farmer's boy, and was going to take his things and go on adventure, his family wasn't really sure if they were sad or relieved that he'd be leaving.   It's been nearly 20 years since he left, and he hasn't gone back to Tatooine even once to visit them, and doesn't seem all too concerned about checking on their well-being or how they are doing.  


Jucas doesn't keep much on his person: His clothes, some credits to get him by, a comm unit and a reliable blaster pistol. The rest of his belongings tend to be left on his ship Starlet.

Occupation Vagabond, Drifter, Information Broker, Agent
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
12 BTC 27 years old
Current Residence
Starlet (His ship)
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Huttese (Native)
Galactic Basic
Jawa Trade
Meesa Caulf
Sy Bisti
Smuggler's Cant
Galactic Sign
Old Corellian


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