Jayce Cabaril

Written by Kittymonster

Jayce Cabaril

This tall, buff man appears to be in his late forties. Plenty of scars and marks suggest a violent past, and it helps to strengthen the surly, no-nonsense look about him. He has a very sharp, challenging stare.
  The crew member found dying aboard Tavin's Rose has so far remained calm and cooperative while having his hideous wound tended to, despite the intimidating appearance.  


Jayce is a tall fellow, with broad shoulders, large hands and a heavy-set body. He is muscular, no doubt having taken care in keeping himself in shape.   Like the rest, he and his clothes are smelly and filthy. His rat-brown hair reaches down to his shoulders, and he has an incipient balding. His nutbrown eyes are sharp, hardened and cold. And he has more scars on his face and arms than is worth counting. Jayce wears a thick durafiber jacket with a simple bleached tunic underneath, together with heavy trousers and durable, low boots. His belt has a holster for a blaster and a knife.  


Jayce was born on Dromund Kaas in 34 BTC, to a small and barely noteworthy family. He enlisted to a military academy and was later moved over to education that'd end with an enlistment in special forces. Once earning his diploma, he was placed as a footsoldier in the Red Legion, and eventually fell under lead of Captain Mathius Astin Lierik.   When the Red Legion was decomissioned, he was reassigned under Moff Gatt's command like many of his comrades, and served her loyally up until she was murdered. Jayce was among the ones who refused to sign in under her replacement, Viktor Corlius, and his request to transfer away was approved. His new assignment put him under a regiment of Moff Anden Lirus on Ord Sedna, where quelling rebellions appear to have the primary occupation for the last few months. He proved reliable and his accomplishments in field during his Sedna service earned him the rank of Corporal.   Jayce failed to return to post after a week's long permit, a little over a month ago.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Formerly Corporal
Year of Birth
34 BTC 49 years old
Telos IV
Biological Sex
Nutbrown eyes in a hardened gaze
Unkempt, rat-brown hair with an incipient balding
192cm / 6'3"
90kg / 198lbs
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic
Meesa Caulf


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