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Also known as Finder Five, Ferin and Niâshenja

A faint dry, sweet yet metallic scent lingers around this short, humanlike figure. Leathery, olive skin with brown flecks stretch over wiry limbs.   The most notable feature is the large, clear blue reptilian eyes that dominates an otherwise angular, wide-jawed face. The cheeks are sunken, and a deep crease runs down the bridge of the broad nose all the way to the tip. And the voice is breezy, almost whispering.
  One of the few privileged slave-born to be granted imperial citizenship, Fenir is a hard-working agent at the Imperial Intelligence Agency that’s been in active service for about ten years. There she works in the capacity of a spy, investigator and infiltrator, mainly under a human male alter ego simply codenamed Finder Five.  


Fenir is a modest and humble individual, who remains reserved and prefers keeping an urbane but detached relation with all but a very select few. Being very sympathetic to the Empire’s ideals and its power paradigm, she values hierarchy and is reluctant to question authority.   She also remains candid with her coworkers and superiors about her bias toward prioritizing services requested by her former master and his immediate family. And refusing those that’d potentially be harmful to them. She considers it the least she can do in return for the investment he chose to pour into someone once a mere slave.  


Fenir stands at 160cm and weights about 65kg. She has olive, rough and leathery skin covered in darker brown flecks, especially concentrated along her cheekbones, the shoulders and shins. Her short stature gives her a deceptively stocky look, but she’s in fact very agile and flexible, with wiry limbs. Five-digit hands and feet have short, well-kept dark nails. And the front-facing teeth are all pointed with slightly longer canines.   Her face is angular, it’s square look enhanced by the wide jawline and sunken in cheeks. She has a flat, broad nose with a crease beginning at the forehead and running down all way across it down to the tip. The eyes are large, almond-shaped with clear, blue reptilian eyes.   The voice is normal breezy, almost whispering, and she seems to have trouble voicing louder and sharper tones.  


Fenir is equally comfortable in woman’s wear as she is in men’s wear, and her choice of outfit tend to boil down to what she’s doing or where she’s going. Although, if she knows she may have to go between one shapeshift and another, she tends to keep real clothing to a minimum and use her ability to instead emulate skin-close outfits.   If she’s to spend a day as either of her favorite alter egos however, she’ll always wear real clothes that’s appropriate for either appearance.  


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Alter Egos


There's a certain something about this otherwise all too plain-looking man - dark honey hair, deep sky-blue eyes and a fair complexion - that makes him seem so affable.   Perhaps it's the warm and reassuring smile, or his cordial manners, or the modulated, soft voice he speaks with. Or the attentive eyes concentrated on you with such an irresistible prejudice in your favor.
Avatar: Fenir 1
Most who know Fenir, in actuality know Ferin; a male human alter ego and well-trained shapeshift that he has cultivated and refined the most, mainly out of pure practicality. The re-arranging of the original name Fenir into Ferin originally arose from a simple clerical error when he was being registered for full imperial citizenship, and it appeared to stick easier for most.   He knows well that a human is more easily accepted in most situations and harbors a strong reluctance to flaunt his shapeshifting abilities unless necessary, so this guise tend to stay on for most of the hours while in service and at work. Those he feels necessary being in the know however are duly informed of his true nature.   As Ferin, he always tries to be at his best. Dutiful, conscientious, polite and eager to be of service to his superiors. But he’ll suffer no fool; most are clear about his status as one of the Korênt’h families’ “pet”, he’s well aware of and accepting of the Empire’s power paradigm and he always makes sure to keep his priorities and orders straight.  


This young-looking, radiant pureblood woman carries herself with grace and elegance. She wears a charming, amiable smile and her eyes shine like polished rubies. Rich and full, long carmine hair flow down her shoulders and she speaks with a warm and resonant voice.
Avatar: Fenir 2
It came as no surprise that the first attempts at learning how to shapeshift meant trying to emulate the appearance of her masters and benefactors, with the elegant Lady Tragia Korênt’h as the foremost model of an ideal appearance.   But as she grew older and became more self-conscious, a concern arose about her strive to perfect a pureblood guise would come off as insulting or disrespectful to her masters. She let it rest for years, and the decision to pick it up again and finished it only returned some off three or four years ago. But only after receiving approval from the Lord and Lady Korênt’h of Ord Radama.   She only entertains the shapeshift on her spare time, usually just in the region surrounding her home on New Adasta, Ziost. She’s especially grown popular at a small, nearby classy cantina where she sometimes spends the evenings performing as a songstress. It’s her preferred means of unwinding and letting go for a while, and as an added bonus can train her voice.  


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Occupation Imperial Agent (Finder)
Year of Birth
18 BTC 33 years old
Ord Radama
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
160cm / 5'3"
65kg / 143lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Of course I am biased. We all are. I am just more honest about it than most.
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Sy Bisti
Meesa Caulf


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