Written by Shimantha

Dezebel, son of Tharid


Dezebel is an agile and strong man in his early forties.   He is apt at martial arts and uses the opponents weight and momentum to win his battles.   He wears old and faded jeans, simple t-shirts, a leather jacket and old-timer ‘cowboy-boots’ – including spurs, well he’s only got one left… There’s also a wide brimmed hat that goes to this ensamble, but it’s usually resting on a peg inside his living area these days.   He’s got facial and upper body tattoos, making him look grimmer and more threatening than he is. Lively icy blue eyes give a spark of humor to the weather-beaten face that are framed by pitch-black hair that hangs in stripes, looking a bit dirty and unkempt. Many of the stipes is decorated by beads of wood or strings of leather.   ***   Dezebel ended up in the Unknown Regions thanks to a dare, where he and a few others bet money on freeloading on a Chiss ship back and forth past the anomaly without getting caught. Things went wrong, his buddies got caught and he himself had to escape through a stolen escape pod. His pod was found by Slythis some ten years ago. The status of his friends are unknown.   ***   Before ending up in the Unknown Regions ten years ago, he had a girlfriend, a slim twi’lek twenty-five-year-old woman named Franala’silan who is a dancer and background-singer in the Hutta-pop band The Foam. He lived with Franny in an apartment in the eastern part of Nal Hutta and they both work at the cantina nearby.   Dezebel grew up in a poor home, his father non-existent and the mother sold her body for a meal for them both. The boy learnt quickly to find credit-chips in pockets and bags and that came in handy when orphaned at the age of seven, his mother got killed by a customer.   He used to roam the streets together with two other youngsters, they all got caught five months later by a gang leader, wanting them for their thieving skills and quickness. There he learnt martial arts and found a sort of family that took care of him in some way. They boys got fed and clothed in any case.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Agile and strong

Body Features

Sunkissed skin, accentuated by tattoos

Facial Features

A pale brown/black predator tattoo covers his whole face.

Identifying Characteristics

The "old school tattoo" on his face

Physical quirks

Has a charming mix of Galactic Basic, Hutteese and Smugglers Cant when he speaks.

Apparel & Accessories

Prefer leather and old comfortable jeans. Has cowboy boots, one spur still remaining, and a wide brimmed hat to match the ensamble. Loves t-shirts with sarcastic messages on them.

Specialized Equipment

Martial arts expert (judo-like).

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Survived a flight theough "the annomaly" that separates the Galaxy with the Unknown Regions on a dare.

Personality Characteristics


Let's just say that he doesn't care too much about it.

Occupation Spacer, Scavenger
Year of Birth
28 BTC 43 years old
Nal Hutta
Current Residence
Iokath (Debris Belt)
Biological Sex
Icy blue eyes
Pitch-black hair to his shoulders, some stripes braided and "decorated" with wooden brads, leather thongs and whatnot.
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Smuggler's Cant
Character Prototype
Christian Bale


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