Cipher 23

Written by BlueTyger

Tamike (a.k.a. Cipher 23)

Physical Description

Body Features

Standing at the average height of a human, Tamike has the wiry and agile build of a trinthan. Her rough skin is a rusted red in color, and her eyes a piercing yellow. She reminds one much of a lifeless marionette doll - cold, dead eyes and a stiff, empty expression - she only really come alive during the thrill of a hunt, when she can truly indulge in her animal side, and her sadistical tendencies. The claw-like nails, sharp pointed teeth and sharpened horns on her head further enhance the predatory impression. An impression offset heavily by the white and red, very much civil-like, military uniform she often is seen wearing.   Tamike rarely speaks unless directly spoken to by a superior.   While her body is heavily tattooed with what looks like traditional zabraki patterns, they do no really mean anything as she doesn't belong to any tribe or family, nor identify herself much with fellow kindred. They were given her by her breeders and trainers in order to have her adhere to the expected appearance of a zabrak.   To perform her work effectively, the Sphere of Law & Justice has ensured to equip her well utilizing both high-tech gadgets from the former Imperial Intelligence as well giving her a good allotment of resources in the shape of credits allowance, weaponry, chemicals, tech, and transport. In field, she usually has company of a dozen of special hunter-creeper droids meant for tracking, as well as a hunter-killer droid based on the latest HK-51 schematic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tamike was born to slaves and taken in as an infant by the former Imperial Intelligence where was made a part of one of many of their breeding and enhancement projects, and was early of particular interest of a Dark Councilor - Darth Mortis.   Her naturally sharp senses and strength where enhanced, as well as her cognitive abilities, to make her excel as a non-force using killing machine. To ensure she still stayed loyal and controllable she underwent a strictly rigid and disciplinary military training during her upbringing that let her no room to develop much of a self. In addition, her array of implants also included a control chip that would allow her superiors to disable her through a painful overloading of her nervous system should she ever try disobeying orders.   Tamike was mostly kept a secret from the rest of the Sith sphere, as her purpose and training was a very controversial subject: she was directly molded as a hunter of heretics and traitors to the Sith Empire - and thus received extensive training in how to effectively battle Sith and counter most known imperial tactics. She was put to the test the first time at the age of seventeen, when she was set the instructions to dispose of a minor Sith Lord alleged to have had sold intelligence to the enemy. After a swift and astounding victory, Tamike was deployed full-time under the supervision of Darth Mortis and his closest associates.

Occupation Heretics/Traitor Liquidator
Year of Birth
20 BTC 35 years old
Circumstances of Birth
She was born and bred as a part of the Imperial Intelligence's Eugenic's Program.
Dromund Fels
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Asexual, Aromantic
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Imperial Intelligence Agency
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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