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Cairn "Smokey" Trah-Moren (a.k.a. Spectre)

Physical Description

Body Features

Cairn is always seen wearing traditional robes of the Jedi Order, with the hood drawn down deep which makes his features hard to distinguish. With the guise of the Force he keeps changing details of facial features in order to keep people guessing at his true identity. Only a very select few has ever seen his real face and personality.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cairn was originally a shadow from the Jedi Order whom early was introduced to the bureau. Cairn has worked within CBSI for years and is one of the most veteran agents, which has left him as a Specialist within the ICI. He’s a professional when it comes to covert operations, tracking and undercover work which also is mirrored in his Jedi training. Stealth-oriented powers render him hard to find or even sense for other Force-users.   Due to his work, Cairn prefer to keep his appearance hidden beneath a hood even when dealing with other agents and never shares anything personal about himself. At least nothing that’s true.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is calm, calculating and most of all – patient. Outwardly though he may seem quiet or even sullen, with a grave outlook on most things. While having softened a bit toward agent Trace he would probably never admit his attachment to her.   An experienced undercover agent, Cairn is able to modulate his behavior, personality and mannerisms nearly as well as he modulates his appearance. He might take on vastly different personality sets depending on what he deems the situation needs, and what type of role he needs to fill – even if its drastically opposite of his real self.

Occupation Comms Specialist, Undercover Agent, Ex-Jedi
Year of Birth
68 BTC 83 years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Quotes & Catchphrases
“Who am I? Whoever I need to be.”
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Meese Caulf
Sy Bisti
Smuggler's Cant
Shipjacker Slang
Jawa Trade Tongue


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