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The Priminite is a mortal and incurable disease until recently, thanks to the researches of the Olympian Hub Corporations on its subject. The illness has been officially discovered in -1659 and is from this period one of the most feared, dangerous and mortal disease of the Paranis Sector, being right behind the infections caused by the Aferchites and the Priases.  




  The Primadusia is a rich fruit with numerous uses, including cooking, medicine base.. But also poison. This poison, a pure and powerful extract of conin from the   The seeds contain nitriles, which are common in seeds of the rose family. In the stomach, enzymes or stomach acid or both cause some of the nitriles to be hydrolyzed and produce hydrogen cyanide, which is a volatile and extremely toxic gas. The seeds are only likely to be toxic if a large quantity is eaten but the edible part of the fruit also contains some sorts of nerves, who are extremely deadly.   A lot of people are afraid of this disease for several reasons, including a very recent one.[br">First, the fact that the poison is completely odorless and can be extremely easily dissolved in soups, cakes or such types of food where it is impossible to. Also, peoples are weirdly afraid of having some of their plant products being contaminated by close orchards of Primadusia. More recently.. Peoples have been afraid of the Priases for their [tooltip:The Cryze is originally a living grey-purple super-organism working as a discharge, food, floor and such for the Priases. On this form, the Cryze have a conscience and can attack whoever cut it away from a puddle of it. A green, "dead" form exist, used as an all-purpose food and medicine for non-Priases.]Cryze, even tho people who experienced being healed by Cryze clearly don't have any trace of the Priminite in their body.  


  Into most of humans body, the ingestion of nerves and/or too much seeds will cause in the hour digestives troubles, followed by dizziness, headaches, and a start of paralysis of the limbs, with hours later breathing difficulties. Convulsions and renal failures also have been observed mortally. After 2 days of infection, no one actually lived after that time   The toxicity of Primadusia varies according to the vegetative cycle and its place of development. Thus, depending on the latitude where it grows, it produces neurotoxic alkaloids next to the first year or in the second year of full growth. This way the Primadusia has a law based on its culture into the CSUN and the main civilization of the Pure Kharises, obligating the farmers to harvest it between 1 to 150 days after the official harvest local day of the Primadusia.   To be noticed that peoples able to use energies can see their abilities weakened permanently. The highest loss of energetic capacities was recorded on a 70% loss.  

A solution ?

  There are only 2 known ways to counter the effects of the Priminite : Or the use of advanced medicine of the fruit, or the use of Cryze from the Priases. Having a big composition from Primadusia, the Cryze also have heavy curative effects on most diseases, but is probably one of the best way in the universe to counter cyanide and conin based poisons. Badly, obviously due to the Prias nature of the matter, only few can have a pacific form of Cryze.  

Place in History

No.. Why is everyone coughing, falling.. No.. Don't tell me he.. badly cooked.. the primadusia of the Masquerial stew.. No..

The rest of the audio record is fulfilled of inaudible screams of pain, vomiting and chaos of persons telephoning in emergency while coughing.
— End of a record, of a rich feast.
  The Priminite is a mortal and incurable disease until recently. This status of hopeless and discrete way of killing has interested numerous assassins through History.  

Last Soup of the Blycarovadi

  On 914, in the territory of actual northern Osiodi, there was a kingdom, the Blycarovadi, led by a king ; Clovis II "The Carrier" Blycarovan ; with 2 sons, Schneizel and Charles, designated as unique heirs of the kingdom.   During a feast, a royal meal to wish 20 years of peace between the Blycarovadi and the Osio, the latter offered many barrels of their emblematic wines to lighten the note of the Blycarovadi. This wine... was poisoned by the wine grower, at the request of the Osio's period leader, while guests from the same country were on light drugs in order to neutralize the effects of the sedative murderer.   As hoped, the entire court present at the table died in great suffering, both physical and moral. This event had such a psychological impact that the young Schneizel of 11 years suffering, the 4 members half paralyzed, a difficult breathing, his family, his close relations, his court decimated to 95% came to a fatality for the Blycarovadi. He ceded the entire property, territories and life rights of the kingdom to the Osio. Finally, the Osiodi was born in the footsteps of the late Blycarovadi dynasty, and the murderous leaders of the Osio.

Dangerosity :

  • Paralysis (Whole Body)
  • Dizziness & Headaches
  • Breathing
  • Convulsions
  • Indigestion
  • Energy Weakness
  • Permanent
  • Quick Progression (2h30 min.)

Affected Species

  • All species were affected on 2476, but only the Priases, a majority of the Aferchites and peoples who consume regularly a very low dose of the toxic components of the Primadusia can be immunized to the Priminite.
Artistic Representation (Primadusia)

The Priminite is often represented as an asleep, dark doppelganger from the nomination "Prim-", basically meaning "The First", "The Original" in Ancient Kharis, generally interpreted as "Yourself, darker, with a primordial hate and will of survive, kill". This symbol is often represented aside the Aferchites and more recently the Priases, to express the will of some artists to get back to the wild and the purity of the nature. Sometimes this aspect is always underwhelmed to just express death.

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Author's Notes

For peoples wondering, the absence of pictures is made to let pure imagination of how horrible are the states of this disease. Just don't expect simply people dying like if we pushed'em. They suffer, loudly.

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Jul 9, 2018 20:45

Interesting. I like the history section. It's a bit hard to read at times, though, because of things being worded strangely - I'm not always sure I understand what you mean at some points?   like "To be noticed that the peoples able to use energies can be seen weakened to 70% (maximum recorded) of their capacities just.. Losed. Permanently." is. Really difficult to parse

Jul 9, 2018 21:01 by Benjamin Andula

First, thanks for this review ! In that example, I wanted to say that peoples able to use energies are also weakened, with a maximum recorded of 70% of the energetic abilities of someone got lost permanently, even after being healed by some Cryze or some Primadusia-based medicine.

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Jul 9, 2018 21:31

Hm, okay, right now it sounds like they're weakened by only *30%*, because "weakened to 70" means "70" is the new level. "It must be noted that people able to wield energy can be weakened a maximum of 70% below their baseline, with their capacities lost permanently." I might put a clarifying word before "energies," like, if the energies are magical, I would say "magical energies," because right now it's not very clear.

Jul 9, 2018 21:56 by Benjamin Andula

Thanks for this precise correction ! The problem of say "magical energies" is that.. it looks weird, as they are literally named "Energies".

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Jul 9, 2018 21:35 by SirElghinn

Very interesting article, though I have to admit it was difficult for me to parse certain sections. Be sure to proofread your article, and say it out loud if you need to, in an attempt to see if it 'sounds' like it makes sense or flows properly. The last sentence in the second paragraph under the Overview header for example has "but the eatable part of the fruit" -- may need to change to 'edible'.   Overall I think it's a wonderful article with a lot of potential. Just work on phrasing and sentence structure a little, and you'll have a masterpiece. Well done!

Jul 9, 2018 21:58 by Benjamin Andula

Thanks a lot for your motivation to read it even through the weird/bad phrasing and structures of my sentences ! I will get a deeper look on how to upgrade my syntax :p

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No problem, and please don't take it as me not liking the article, I truly did! Feel free to hit me up on discord as well if you want proofreading or any assistance. I'm certainly not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm always willing to lend a helping hand. Sometimes just having an extra set of critical eyes on your work is just what it takes to make it an Epic worthy of re-telling throughout the ages!

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I think I will do so tomorrow or later :p I also have some others articles that could be awesome get some proofreading deeply than my novice eye (Some not posted, some already posted, such as those 3)

Species | Oct 18, 2018

Quince cousin known to be used for some of the most efficiency toxicants and medicine, as well known for its taste.

    (^ Mainly dat one)

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Jul 9, 2018 21:45 by Kaleb Kramer

The side-bar on the priminite and the language of it is really impressive. Not often that I see how the two relate. Well done!

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
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Eh eh thank you ! I will try to work more consistently on that aspect (Relation main text & side-bar) !

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You're welcome! That'd be fun. How do you decide on how make the side-bar work? I've not figured that out yet.

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On the "Design" tab, you have 4 "parts" surrounding the Side Bar, including "Upward" the side bar, the high and low parts of it, but also under the Side-bar ! It just allows you to do all-you-want with the Vignette case of the main tab :p

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Jul 9, 2018 22:02 by Benjamin Andula

Thanks for your toughs ! I will try to correct those lil'broken translations to have a clear article :p I wish you could get a look to others articles in the same array, first the Primadusia article !

"Nothing great has been accomplished in the world without passion" -- G.W.F. Hegel