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Lamiya Mutation

Created and Written by DarknessWrath, Edited and Written by RwbyMoon


A virus basically which was propagated by a little parasite, giving symptoms similar to many actual diseases, but the last stage is the total control from the parasite towards the infected, changing the hormones and produces many growths, organs can be created, or growths similar to Aferchites one. Later on, spores are ejected from the body and will spread with the air infesting every being which could serve as a host, animals do not mutate like humanoids, but are still very changed.  

Transformations Known

When the first case of infection was officialized, none could have ever thought, not even the scientists that the virus could create so much trouble. Everyone knows that bacterias are very fascinating for all the effects that it can cause on us, humanoids, but not a lot know that they can have in our genetics the capacity to create such monstrosities.   The first seen different mutation compare to the lambda one was the Wolf, named originally Sanguinar by the survivors for its easy way to recognize it. And more the pandemic got time, more evolutions and more strains were seen, as strange as the others, and with different properties, none would deny that their transformations possess similitudes with the Aferchites, but everything coincide with the supposed guiltiness of Afernaza, but nothing is convincing if you take some retreat to the situation.  

Common Types

Names Given Description
LM Wolves Mutant possessing red eyes, sometimes killing other mutants, they possess few mutations, generally on their hands, but the skin on the ribs are even thinner as usual, incredible speed, can feel blood on hundred meters around, generally howl when they found a prey with a primal sound mixed up with human scream, work as a pack being the only type of mutant being in bands.
LM Leapers Arms and Legs with suckers, tending to jump on their victims. Their muscles and bones on their lower body are enhanced with some mutations parts. They can resist the shock when you fall from several meters. Very disturbing to see because of its mutations on its legs, hysteria-like screams.
LM Spidas Mutant with growths on the back, being in fact its spine forming legs, being mutated to be a bit ejected and forming a new strange mutation, the movement of the creature is via the mutation replacing its original spine, and fortifying the bones outside with light chitin, forming a kind of spider, but having free hands and legs.
LM Horrors One of the most impressive mutants with these 2m50 and his physique enhanced via mutation. Capable of to using tools, sometimes a girder, or a car, having quite large bone growths in their backs, very large teeth, a heavy breath, and a loud deep scream.
LM Jägers Mutant soldiers with the majority of their body mutated, their weapons are impregnated in the mutated members, can cause weapons overheating or even a combustion, but are fearful and rare at the same time.
LM Chargers Possess more mutations on its arms, being oversized, one of the arms is bigger for the charge, scream loudly and weirdly, looking like a dumbass screaming,
LM Behemoths Gigantic mutant with these 3m with overgrowth and a light chitin all over the body, anti-armor weaponry is advised, being resistant to bullets, except a little rift on the neck that the mutation can't handle, or obstruct the head to make a move.



Simple Explanations

Once inoculated with the virus (Commonly, through spores ejected by another mutant, or by body liquid contact), the virus quickly spread itself to another air particles or starts to hang on cells. Once the virus reaches a type of organ's cells and accumulates a certain amount of itself, it starts to disturb its nerves and break through conduits to infect them. This causes the subject to vomit blood, saliva, and even unleash uncontrollably fecal and urinary excreta until finally causing an intense pain into one of the previously listed organs.   At this moment, the virus starts its second phase, causing grave ecchymosis onto the aimed organs. From this, the mutation starts to replace the said organs and starts to putrefy a large portion of the flesh, and expands to the entire body, until gaining control of it by reaching the brain. From there, evolutions diverge in a large amount of possibilities.  
Blood emanation from mouth.png



Original Steps of Mutation
  1. Innoculation
  2. Liquid Emission (Blood, Dejections, Saliva)
  3. Grave Ecchymosis (Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Bladder, Stomach)
Leapers & Spidas Steps of Mutation
  1. Hands and Legs paralyzed
  2. Heavy pains on the back
  3. Intern hemorrhages
  4. Hands gets suckers. Back is replaced (Overgrowths)
  5. Leapers throat clogging ; Spidas's spine going out (New Paws)
  6. Heavier Leapers legs ; Spidas new paws (Boneish, Light Chitin)
Spitters and Pukers Steps of Mutation
  1. Anti-acid esophagus
  2. Growth of Stomachs (Bigger one + New one)
  3. Creation of specific enzymes for the puker, while the spitter gets a little organ near the palate
  4. The 2 stomachs are linked and create a specific vomit composition, a mix of acid and pheromones. The spitter's stomach create acid passively and is directly linked to the organ with the layer of skin protecting the esophagus
  5. Pukers rejects a lot (Farts, burps, gurgling) ; Spitter's vocal cords modified (High Pitch, Moved)

Sanguinars & Pukers Cases
  Their cases are special but easier to cancel their effects, they emit special pheromones, where most of their enzymes are almost replaced for an additional purpose. Those pheromones permit Sanguinars to detect each other and also create a road to a prey zone. The pukers pheromones emission are different, and a part of those pheromones are within the vomit that they create, and a spot to others mutants that prey are still alive.   Their brain gets many changes: Sanguinar's brain is compacted within internal mutation to limit the emotions, like fear, and amplify the hunger. The Puker's brain changes with the mutation is that mutation cover few parts of the brain, specifically hormones and the brains parts that control the stomach, waist, liver, but also the creature behavior, being more as a support for other mutants, and seem self-sufficient, or at least need far less nutrients than the others. In addition, the body is 75% covered of that acid and seems very resistant to others acids types. They are also the first mutants where scientists cancel those effects, but not the mutation itself, but gave a little hope for all of them.  

A solution ?

When the first case appeared, exposing the infected into radiations slows the infection process, giving more time to find a way to kill it, none predicted the impact that this creature would have. The cures which were used to fights others viruses seemed to be useless, and see the people turn into a monster. The solution was given in a military press show, where the scientist in charge of finding a solution, was to kill the infected person, and burn his body, and be sure that none has any contact with it without the appropriate outfit.  

View by the World


The Evhunters tried to help to slow the whole infection on Lamiya, evacuating them far from it, with Emelgiblis help, they could take those who weren't infected. Saving more than 2 millions of people, only with the Redeemer. Besides this, they preferred to rebuilt themselves instead of helping, few shouts at them for this, but were later calmed down, for the few help that CSNU sent for Sancta.  


When the million infected and mutants beings reached the sector leader, they immediately send the army and scientist to analyze and try to find a cure. When they heard that the infestation was still spreading and was very hard to stop, many thought that throwing a nuclear bomb would destroy it, the governor refuses to kill everyone if a better path can be chosen. At last, they send the cavalry with the military arsenal, the most advanced they could to face it.  


Afernaza and many Aferchites landed on 2472 purging the planet from the infestation, we could see many of new strains, like Taretalos rarely seen before except as ecosystem keeper, seen here as a purifier.


Pok'Rias watches with its livid and pure purple eyes the journalist, Naiev Sviatoslav and answers to him after a question about Lamiya's Mutation case.
-Lamiya's sudden and savage mutations. Do you know about that, Pok'Rias? I'm unsure if this is.. Secure to ask this in public...
-We don't really have interest on this rock named Lamiya. If this is Aferchites work, CSUN will react. Understand that this is not Prias-based, nor is something we care about.
-But.. What do you do then !? I guess you have seen this Gilios Luruso, clearly showing you as the heart of this strange and horrible case...
-Obviously. I have been reported about his arts. This is art, not reality. We have more to do than unleashing an entirely randomized Prias on a planet when we plan our future plans. Stabilizing a nation in Paranis is harder and more important than crush an another.
Pok'Rias, while walking into a little village of 800 Pure Kharises on the middle east of the unique continent of Teher, into Atenio star system, passing by to observe the resources of the territory.


An evolution for the virus remnant?

The remnants taken from Lamiya and examine by the CSUN scientists are seeing a mutation within the virus itself, its evolving and try to adapt to the environment by itself, the few pieces of information given says that the virus tries to adapt itself, and the few mutants that survived after the purge are in packs, and try to attack in huge groups the military bases that try to destroy it, and it seemed that the beings can "reproduce" in a strange way themselves, more mutants come more and more, like an infinite wave.  

Is it true?

It was later confirmed by the scientist in a lead that the virus was really trying to adapt, but cannot say if the mutants are seen can reproduce themselves or capable of any intelligence.  

Is it the end?

Whereas the CSUN government hesitated to end it and the Priases remained as spectators to see it, Afernaza "finally" acted. For 3 weeks, Aferchites spread around the planet and destroy any possible mutant, few Aferchites were killed because of the survivors, but they had the order to save humans. Few remnants have been found by scientist which now analyze what's remains of this planet. At last, the survivors were forced to rebuild their lives somewhere else. While Afernaza left as fast as he arrived, scientists on their side arrived in triple amounts try to see from where it came from. Aferchites, Priases? Or a new kind of worm of natural disease...  
- "[...] allowed. Answer to Naiev Christophe Sviatoslav about : [To be defined acronym] Mutation ; Allowed."
    • "Hey! Isn't that unallowed to reveal a second name that we want at all cost to make disappear !?"
    • "False affirmation, Mister Sviatoslav. Ask your questions; build up your mind."
    • "Uh. Yes, if you want.. Cyberas, what are your thoughts surrounding this horrible event that happened of this devasted planet, Lamiya ?"
    • "Millions of death, obviously negative for humanity. However, another million of Mutants gone back to their tomb. Add 10 billion Aferchites to this count. Rentable."
    • "Yes. No no no! It's not rentable! It's horrible !"
    • "What if this was your own government plan ? Joking. Ask Prias Avant-Guards what they think. No proof of who done this unallowed act of war, no reason to think about the consequences. Once the law will be aware of everything, they will take punishment. Ended."
    • "Who the freak programmed this robot... Well, I guess Cyberas still won't be our golden answer for this mysterious event. Is Afernaza really behind those machinations ?
      Or is it Pok'Rias ?
      Or even like the 1st Ferraris joked about... A government plan to lead? I hope we will get the reality of these event soon...
      Cyberas, answering to its believes upon the Mutants by Naiev Sviatoslav.



In tribute to the millions of dead people of Lamiya's Mutation during the years it spread, CSUN decided to build up 4 memorials into the heart of the 4 planetary capitals of Nerchio'Nes planets. These capitals, they are : Erchi on Zaution, Volstrein on Pallion, Kolovan on Gallion and finally Baümer on Kallion. In addition, CSUN dedicated April the 4th (Oxelis Time) to honor this tragic event.   The monument itself is represented by a stele accompanied by 4 curved obelisks, about 13m wide by 6m deep (Obelisks included.). This stele (which exceeds 5 meters in height while the obelisks make 7) is equipped by the Pure Kharis with a screen powered by a loaded Lunotillium fragment, to be recharged every 5 years, listing all victims.   The space of the monument is sometimes not delimited or is simply concretized by an enclosure which is reduced to the form of a virtual fence. This enclosure is the most materialized by hedges (bushes, shrubs), a low wall, metal grids (from shells recovered on the battlefield) with a small portal, chains supported by bollards or shells.   These projectiles give a warlike aspect to the monument but also remind us that the conflict was a medical war between scientists and the mutation that was almost unstoppable. Nevertheless, tentacles and a bestial figure depicting an Afernaza (less horribly realized than in reality) represent the end of the event on Lamiya. The enclosure indicates a sacred perimeter that evokes the field of honor, whose effect is reinforced by the pyramidal shape that the 4 curved obelisks and the arrangement of the plants bring  

Prias Avant-Guards

[will be done later]

lblblbbbllblbllb afer.jpg


First Discovery:2465
Theorical First Extermination:2472  


  1. Fever
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting of blood
  4. Tachycardia/Hyperventilation
  5. Inferior Members Paralysis
  6. Kidneys & Liver death
  7. Convulsions
  8. Paranoïa
  9. Early Mutation

Odd Types

Names Given Description
LM Puker Very fat mutant because of the mutation, emitting noisy farts, burps and gurglings, their vomit is a bit more acid than usual acid and cause others mutants to focus you for a strange reason. Opening their body is enough to make them explode, because of their bile reserve within
LM Spitter Mutant with almost no chew and lips, they can spit acid with their organ, without any damage on it, they emits sound of children, and the spit sound is easily recognizable.
LM Swarm Spitter Mutant with almost no lips and teeths, they create and control little creatures with their organ in the mouth, their body is recover of necrosis like skin, with colors similar to the decomposing tree, their creatures are bee-like creatures, with a noisy and disturbing buzz. Their screams is like a scream from an horror movie
LM Laugher Mutant with childish size, emitting permanent laughs, mutants which prefers to jump on their victim, blinding it and trying to bring them far away from their groups to death.
LM Kamikaze Unlike Pukers, the acid that the body creates and stock all over it, is different and more similar to few Aferchites acid, they are slow but the acid spray is dangerous for those who are in close range, despite being almost silent, the acid makes movement like when you move water.
Lamiya Event huh ? Yeah...very sad and disturbing, but also a good example of what nature can bring, and the effects that it can cause on us. We noticed that it has much similitudes with Aferchites creation process, but can't be from Afernaza, almost everything on the planet was destroyed, killed or soiled. What a huge mystery that only him could answer, instead of purifying the planet without giving us few explanations.
Travis Chevalier, Ecoscientific Leader of Dambratj

Monster2 mindre2.jpg
by Dennis Carlsson

Lamiya's Case

Lamiya Survive [Q&A]
Plot | Dec 13, 2018

A short tale surrounding 2 survivors on Lamiya attacked by the Mutation

Very strange pandemic disease if you want my opinion. Some Evhunters really wanted to help them, and I joined them without any true reason, but I had free time so... I remember how flamethrowers were useful, and how it saved at least a thousand soldiers. But the disease itself is a mystery for us all, many will suppose that Afernaza created it. Issue being, Afernaza will not destroy an entire ecosystem for that, so I might think that may be natural. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but further analysis and how the parasite came would maybe help us to find an origin, and avoid to propagate it even further. Try to imagine how Paranis state if it could propagate like bacterias... very scary huh?
— Emelgiblis

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This article may heavily change on time (Or more... Evolve, with future events.). Can also gain new tales on Lamiya.

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