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EPW - Chapter 6 : Zhar'Dark


On Hel'Ios' side he wakes up with a headache and slight nausea, probably the side effect of the teleportation, looking around, he sees Sird, who has all his armor broken, and the equivalent of a not far oscilloscope, with a low heart rate, despite his somewhat blurry look, he can see beyond where he is, he is in space, to what looks like the 4th star ship: Armageddon, overlooking a relatively normal planet undergoing an Ice Age, Zhar enters the room, slowly and with him a Weath.   Hel'Ios: "Ugh... Zhar... Fuck you..."   The Edeneï looks weakly at Sird's devastated body, allowing himself a weak and light smile through his burned skin in the same way as Zhar's.   Zhar admires with amazement the wounds the Niddhogg inflicted on them, he looks at the Weath who rushes towards Hel'Ios and uses a pink Grimmis to heal these burns, while Zhar's uses his black Grimmis to do the same. Then he looks at Hel'Ios "Who else sees us Hel'los?" Zhar's two eyes change from yellowish to red, and black with a very special pattern, and difficult to describe   Hel'Ios, spitting greenish saliva on the ground: "What do I know...?"   Zhar looks at the saliva on the ground and gives a slight smile. He asks the Weath to leave, Hel'Ios' wounds having been almost completely healed. Zhar approaches and slowly explains to Hel'Ios.   "Only you must know what I'm going to tell you and no one else!" He shows the palm of his hand, which comes out of the black Grimmis, which merges with his leader's armor. Slowly it approaches Hel'Ios' eyes, the only thing that can see now is Zhar surrounded by Black Grimmis, and Sird at the back of the room, through Thisme, you can feel deep pain through Hel'Ios, the wound is actually mental and not physical, the Black Grimmis disturbing Thisme in a strange way. "Sorry, kid, I prefer to take precautions!"   Hel'Ios: "Pre-c... Cau-t... T-tion?... U-use... useless..."   Zhar "Why then? I just want to talk to you alone. Your dear Pok'Rias must have more than one trick in her bag, you never know, I prefer to disturb any kind of signal so that only you know what I'm going to tell you...don't waste my time, or yours."   Hel'Ios remains silent, his face riddled with fear and pain   Zhar looks at Hel'Ios smiling "Don't be afraid..." he turns around leaving his scratched hands on Hel'Ios' shoulder, "Cut these signals yourself for a while, and your pain will go away, that's all I'm asking you" then he moves back slightly and waits   Hel'Ios sighed with a good cough: "Nothing-c about this type-d... doesn't cut himself s-so-e..."   Zhar closes his eyes briefly, lowering his head for a moment, then looks at Hel'Ios "So you leave it to me...I thought you could serve...but apparently, I apparently saw wrong..." he intensifies the Grimmis until any link is temporarily or definitively broken   Hel'Ios screams in pain before losing consciousness, dizzy, Thisme cut off. Before fainting, he hardly heard Zhar talk.   "You didn't give me a choice, kid."   A few moments later, Hel'Ios feel weak, because the Thisme has been cut because these eyes are new normals, Sird seems to be better, Zhar waits for Hel'Ios to be delivered.   "Well, it took you a while, it's almost an hour, I may have overdosed, or your connection with Pok'Rias is very high, besides I thank you for the Flux in you...few people accept but we know one who has partially succeeded, well now that your link has been cut we will be able to discuss" He stands up straight and has fun with his Grimmis while waiting for Hel'Ios to feel better.   Hel'Ios looks troubledly at Zhar in front of him, without a word, trying to discern a little bit in front of him   Zhar is tired of waiting for Sird to recover he mixes Stages 4 and 5 to heal him, Sird screams extremely loudly in pain, however, these external and bony wounds are completely healed (except the bones). Then Zhar says "Your dear friend hurt him well from his memory, at least what was possible to see, he seems to be a Telistis, I know only one...But at least I see that you are finally ready since time...finally able to really break"   Hel, leaving her body under all its weight, held back by the ties: "And I am... The weakest... Edeneis..."   Zhar looks at Hel "hmm?" he teleports to him, not without letting him smoke" "If you were the weakest I wouldn't have brought you here, weakness is much worse than that, I've been around weakness for 100 years! At the side of the Kharis themselves! Don't you dare say you're weak, you're not exploiting your potential well, that this site in my camp, or theirs!" As he gets irritated, he emits some waves of involuntary shocks, forcing Hel to stick to the thing that holds him back.   Hel'Ios, having glued himself back to the pylon of Sécrianis in his back: "In a raw way... More like..."   Zhar thinks and calms down "Hmm, depending on what you mean by that, I remind you that in close combat I have no chance...ask your mother, if you dare to see her again as she is...she told me everything last time."   Hel'Ios: "I am not... A warrior..."   Zhar immediately resumes "What are you then?"   Hel, in a frank and cold tone: "A weight... In this war... Futile and useless..."   Zhar laughs in hysteria, "You're one of the three keys to this damn war! This war is both mandatory and useless! Certainly, you are futile, but thanks to you we can surely succeed... only if I said everything on a set, it will only accelerate the end... I must keep silent for the very universe... I had to take my responsibilities when my parents died, they said they died following an accident but it is much worse than that, some people keep silent about the truth, in your camp, 3 know the truth about their deaths, but only 2 know the reason for this war!" When he says 3 Hel knows he's lying and there's more   Hel'Ios giggling slightly: "The only camp... To which I belong... Is mine... Prias are the most permissive... The only reason... Because I'm there..."   Zhar: "If I was only talking about the Prias, then one surely knows the truth... but in your alliance, some know it, just as I guide my old brother through this universe so that he sees what to do, indirectly he follows my orders, but indirectly they save us all..."   Hel'Ios: "Not my problem... Conflicts concerning... Grimms and Kharis... Have been boring me for a long time..."   Zhar "If it was only the Kharis and the Grimms... that's why I gave up a long time ago, you think conflict is only between two factions, but it goes further, THIS CONFLICT GOES TO THE DELA!!!!"   Vlad gets to know again in a rather weak voice "I'm not the one who did it, actually, but it wasn't me, I'm sure it must be him"   Hel: "Well, tell that to Pok'Rias... She considers you.... Like a useless piece of shit.... Who wants to play war... Without any concrete interest..."   Zhar "That's why I would never go to see her, she's so neutral that she doesn't even try to know what's going on around us, look carefully" he uses black Grimmis and puts it all over the room on the walls, an illusion allows you to see the whole known universe... "We're here, the Redeemer must be around, Sancta and Sure Graan there, But the problem is before our eyes....and we can't find it, we've probably seen it, but it's been hiding for so long, that it's been asleep for so long...playing the villain who wants war is simple, creating the Perfect and using them against Hyponnan had a precise goal, Hyponnan would have gone wrong at some I put it out of harm's way temporarily"   Hel'Ios laughs at his last sentence: "Hyponnan is getting stronger... More than anything else..."   Zhar: "I hope so, the hour is coming... Wait... Wait... What is that..." close to the Redeemer a big thing approaching "Take this" he gives him a kind of necklace "Keep it, I advise you, but do what you want, I have little choice to free you..." he destroys the chains and opens a portal to the Niddhog "An electromagnetic advice will not work"   Hel', intrigued, leaves his cape which turns into a ball: "You won't be able to open it and I advise you not to try it... At least we're exchanging..." Hel'Ios crosses the gate without waiting for Zhar's answer, finding himself on the head of his Niddhogg   Now Hel'Ios will be able to communicate with a trusted ally of Zhar... but not Zhar himself, he remains intrigued by what Zhar has to say

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