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Stellar Journey (working title)


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2876. Humans have established a foothold in space, and have forged an interstellar civilization. With the advent of FTL travel in the 2660s, travel between stars has never been easier.   An action-adventure-type story about a robot and his buddies going on an interstellar chase to catch another robot. One-on-one fights, big space battles, and a big, hopefully believable world. This, the Worldanvil world, mainly serves as a catalogue of the various aspects and places of the world, the characters, and story beats, so don't expect a literary masterpiece, the worldbuilding is the primary focus.   If you're expecting a lighthearted adventure and a fun ride, you'd be wrong. Instead, expect a mostly serious story with a fair amount of death and misery. Not to say it's super depressing, it's not.   Well, that all depends on whether or not I ever finish it.     Oh, and, read this:
State of the world
Generic article | Apr 26, 2022

An overview of the story's world

  And maybe also this
Story Overview
Generic article | May 17, 2022

Short overview of the world's stories