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The world of Steliar is one with a rich history. World spanning empires rose then fell. Wars of mundane and divine decree were fought across its lands. And its total destruction was threatened more then once. But still it and its people strive and to create, explore, and thrive.   Many diverse races have survived through the centuries of Steliar's past, and many more have fallen to the wayside. Forgotten to the rest of the modern world. The surviving races have built themselves up in the world as striving nations, empires, and kingdoms. Each with their own ideals and motivations. Working to further their own people in this world of large nation powers.   The world is at its peak. Arcane and technological advancement have reached a zenith and most of Steliar is reaping the benefit. The human Vudra Trade Empire has stretched its supply lines to almost every corner of the world thanks to their Airships. Allowing easy, but expensive, access for trade and travel around the world. Such constant interaction has lead the powers of the world to convey in a world council to keep things civil and profitable for everyone. It is the Trade Age.   And the gods seemed to be pleased. The 5 gods who watch over and shape Steliar have blessed this world. Happy with their creation, their expansion, their growth. The gods are known and active in the world, but do not demand sole devotion. They are prayed to if rains are needed, for inspiration, and for guidance in judgement. If you need ones help, you ask the one who can provide. The only thing they demand is to follow the Divine Laws. No Necromancy, No Planar Travel, Don't Stagnant.   The world of Steliar is one with a rich history. It is one with many different races and creatures. It is one with amazing inventions and magical wonders. It is one with present and caring gods. It is one ripe for fantastical adventure.

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Saving the Past

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

The Jerec Waylan is trying to save his family legacy of curating a museum of ancient magical items while Grand Shepard Zadinar Holden and the New Arcane Order are seeking to destroy said items for fear of their power.

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The Tower of the Forgotten

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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From The Seedling Isles

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

A group finds themselves thrown together in a lighthearted wacky adventure.

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    The world of Stelair is heaped with history across its varied terrain. From the deepest depths of its oceans to its highest snowy peaks. Numerous Kingdoms have risen and been extinguished during this worlds existence and their remains can be seen throughout the landscape. Forgotten tombs deep underground and lost castles within twisting forests. All hold secrets that even today have yet to have been discovered in this well traveled world. Some may never be rediscovered, but others......others lay in wait just off the beaten path. Just waiting for a curious soul to take a few steps off the road and onto the trail of adventure.