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Reskindium is an elemental metal that is exceptional in its ability to either absorb or deflect large amounts of energy.


Physical Characteristics

Reskindium is a metal. It is jade green, and not very shiny by metallic standards. It appears the same way in ore form.


Reskindium is its own element, and resides in the metal family. Its most remarkable property is its absorption and deflection of applied force. Rather than allowing force pass through it, it absorbs some of the force and deflects the rest of it into surroundings. (The absorption and deflection can be honed; for example, a flatter surface will absorb much more force while a neat curve will deflect much more force in a specific direction.) It is a rather soft metal, but given its defining property it is still difficult to damage. The absorption of force seems to deteriorate Reskindium in the place of traditional wear and tear. Reskindium is relatively heavy due to its density.

Geology & Geography

Reskindium occurs rarely in a few planets across Inner Space. Its rarity makes it hard to plot exactly which unstudied planets are likely to produce it, making it even harder to locate. Curiously, it has been found in higher amounts on quite a few rogue planets over the years.

Origin & Source

Found in rare veins of ore, relatively closer to the surface than some deep metals. It is actually easier and faster to mine than most metals, as any strikes to it are deflected to the nearby rock, crumbling it.

History & Usage

Everyday use

There are many various mechanical applications for a force-defying mineral. Anything from a load-bearing structure to vehicle suspension. There is the obvious use in combat; however, due to its rarity and inevitably expensive cost, as well as its weight, Reskindium is rarely used in armor plates - in the militaries that do use Reskindium, it is reserved for the most elite.


It is refined and forged similarly to most metals. However, these processes are more difficult with Reskindium than other conventional metals, due to its resistance to the striking force of a metal-shaper or the heat of a forge.


Trade & Market

Being pretty evenly (albeit rarely) distributed across Inner Space, all factions have access to Reskindium and can use it for their own needs or sell it at suitably high prices.


it is considered a rare precious metal.
Melting / Freezing Point
~4000° C

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