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VN Ysadora

Jedi Knight VN Ysadora (a.k.a. Vanya; Mirax Velarr)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

has old, odd looking linear scars at crazy angles from ankle to shoulder and from mid-calf almost to hip: Vanya once had an Emergency Quarantine Tent slowly compress on her over a period of several hours

Special abilities

Force sensitive: yes
Jedi Investigator / Battle Master specialization
Vanya is a practitioner of the Jedi martial art style called Form V: Djem So

Apparel & Accessories

Standard Jedi uniform in shades of bluish slate to gray
Traveler's cloak (sometimes called a "Jedi Robe" but used by travelers of all religions the galaxy over, with hood and sleeves) purchased at a secondhand shop, trimmed via plasma cutter to just above knee length
Blaster holster at the small of the back; shoulder holsters hold a lightsaber on each side; pouch on belt for Datapadd has padding and some armor built into it to protect the device

Specialized Equipment

  1. 2 lightsabers (5d damage)
  2. Robes + 1 change of clothes.
  3. Commlink
  4. dataPADD (Pocket secretary)
  5. 2 heavy blasters (5d damage), 1 with a scope; but one of the two (GM’s choice per adventure) is generally left at the Jedi Temple. On both, they’ve been set to STUN and then the switch has been disconnected.
  6. rebreather with small oxygen cannister and oxy extraction system
  7. 1 can NuSkin (spray-on skin)
  8. Medkit, disassembled and contents shoved into various belt pouches
  9. night-vision lenses
  10. repair/maintenance tools for lightsabers and blaster

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From Ysadora’s own notes, accessible via intrusion into her DataPADD:


Around thirty to thirty-five standard years old, brown eyes, brown hair worn long and usually loose, approximately 5’6" and 150 lbs.


Born at Mirrul Hospital, Skirzden, Esseles, Essessia System, Darpa Sector; raised by standard contract at Skirzden Star Creche, Esseles, Darpa Sector; graduated Calamar Technical University with certification in database administration; left Esseles without filing travel plan. Job history: various.


Licensed four years later by Imperial Review Board as a private investigator.


Operated an office on Siskel Station.


Student of Jedi Master Skywalker until the Nostromo incident, after which time she was seen travelling with Jedi Master Kenobi. Good at finding Storm Troopers. Graduated to Jedi Knight after the second death of Palpatine, at the end of the Shadows of an Empire adventure.


A former private detective, frequently seeming to be at odds with the sometimes not-so-practical Jedi Masters, Vanya quickly gained a reputation as one of the more inquisitive Jedi Padawans currently being trained. Her original master was Anakin Skywalker, who at a certain point in her training passed her over to Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of those who trained Anakin Skywalker. Masters Kenobi, Skywalker, Yoda, and Hinalli once swore up and down to have seen visions of Vanya through the Force, showing that she could become a great something-something-something if she would just QUIT ARGUING FOR FIVE MINUTES and listen more closely to the lecture in progress. That conversation went VERY well, Vanya thought, even while on k.p.

Editor’s note: Don’t call me “dame” unless you can do it like Bogey, shweethaht. And “Vanya”? NOT my legal name. It’s a nickname. Check my PI license if you don’t believe me. So you’ve not got a “respecting tradition” leg to stand on there.

Some of the above may be carefully presented to create a certain effect in an unauthorized reader.


Vanya has registered a legal abdication of claim, for herself in perpetuity, to any familial rights in connection with the Vorharkonnen noble family.


  • graduated Calamar Technical University with certification in database administration
  • apprenticed with Sherry Flippe at the Wide Awake Detective Agency for one year, to qualify for a private investigator license
  • apprenticed to Jedi Masters Anakin Skywalker, then Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Padawan for ten years; graduated to Jedi Knight on 12730/1/1

Morality & Philosophy

Jedi: Vanya believes that all life has value. That individuals have the right to choose who they're going to be, and get all the consequences which develop from those choices.

She will cheerfully tell anybody who brings it up that her religion is correct, of course -- but that some people find a different religion works best for them at that point in their lives. So she'll support that as long as it helps the person function well within the universe.
The problem with the Dark Side, she has gotten Sith Lords to agree, is that it's a powerful short term solution. It is not a good long-term solution for anything, because it burns itself out. It has to be maintained. She has turned to Dark Side practitioners and requested that they do something specific that calls for great power applied in an instant; but then she is right there afterward, easing the situation into a better direction with the Light Side of the Force as a steady stream.
She is making the Light Side look useful to quite the odd collection of formerly-nothing-but-hatred Mystic Mob types in the Tapani Sector ... and Vanya is certain to her core that this is why the Universe put her there in the first place.


No bacta tanks ever again, thanks anyhow.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

cannot do that mind influencing thing, which she calls "Jedi Beer Trick", and will never be able to do it
Vanya could intuitively Remain Conscious before she knew she was Force sensitive. She cannot explain how that works. She took longer than expected to learn Resist Stun, which is normally a prerequisite skill.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Fundamentally does not get natural families, which would be any family structure that does NOT involve "raised at a professional child-raising facility, by people licensed and certified and specialized to that particular age group". Accepts that this is the standard across the Galaxy, but she will soapbox a little too often about how "messed up" this "haphazard" system is.


Vanya seems to be friendly, open, transparent, and casual. Those who have been around her in many different situations usually notice that this is a kindly-meant mask to cover an innately reserved, remote core personality who is constantly watching for inconsistencies in other people's public personas. Vanya doesn't think there's usually malice in having a "public persona" to cover one's private nature; she thinks everyone does that as part of the social contract.

Personality Quirks

When someone calls her name, she answers, "Yo!" because she thinks it's reassuring on a gut level.
Where did she get this silly notion? It had something to do with the few years when she was a teenager that she worked as the on-site dba for Roeksen Construction, a space-based construction company specializing in null-grav work.
If one of the clone troopers ever calls her by her name, though, watch a very very different response happen. (It'll never happen.)


When facilities are available, VN gets a sonic shower and washes her clothing once per day whether she thinks she needs it or not. Usually after her morning workout.
Her robe is a beat-up travesty, though. She got it from a second-hand shop. She tosses it into a wash occasionally, and she'll patch minor holes with whatever thread or glue is handy, but she never hems it and she seems not to notice discolorations or thin spots in the fabric.


Religious Views

Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet the Force.

Hobbies & Pets

  • subscribes to the Tapani Alliance Law Journal, reads the latest issue at quiet times, scribbles caustic notes in the margins about loopholes or any clause potentially relevant to a private investigator's workload. She's not a lawyer or a Solicitor, her notes may be spectacularly wrong.
  • writes letters "home" about her quirkier experiences that may be a bit out of order or full of gaps. Sometimes she's dashing off a quick thought. Sometimes she's leaving out all the bits which do not make for a good story. Sometimes she just wants to see if the recipient will be interested enough to ask.
  • When in the right system for it, still tries to meet up with local Force users for coffee or a light meal in the "Tuesday Tea" format



antagonist (Important)

Towards VN Ysadora


VN Ysadora

antagonist (Trivial)

Towards Muerte



Muerte finds VN Ysadora absolutely infuriating. He hates her passionately. He would go out of his way to do her harm, if he ever had the opportunity ... but, for all that, he knows that there are absolutely worse people in the galaxy; he can and has set his hatred aside in truly dangerous situations.


Vanya has possibly spent a cumulative fifteen minutes in her entire life, thinking about Muerte when he is not actually present. He's an annoyance. He needs to seek professional help. He needs to befriend the sonic shower and let it love him. He simply is not relevant to anything going on in her life.

Nicknames & Petnames

--Muerte to Vanya: "YOU!!!"
--Vanya to Muerte: "Oh. Hi, Morty."

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Master (Important)

Towards VN Ysadora



VN Ysadora

Padawan (Vital)

Towards Obi-Wan Kenobi




When Anakin Skywalker ran into serious complications in his training of his "foundling" Padawan, he turned her education over to Ben Kenobi for a very different training style. Since her graduation, Jedi Knight VN Ysadora still regularly turns to her mentors for advice or a sounding board. Or, occasionally, to corner Ben in a hallway and recite the Litany of "MONEY DOES NOT IN ACTUAL FACT GROW ON TREES, YOU INNOCENT" at him.

Nicknames & Petnames

Vanya sometimes calls Master Kenobi "Bossman" or "Boss"; Ben might call her by name, or "Padawan", or "my dear girl", or any other casually affectionate nickname that occurs to him.


unwanted cousin (Trivial)

Towards VN Ysadora




VN Ysadora

unwanted cousin (Trivial)

Towards Dragomir





Darth Dragomir, Lord of the Sith, forever failing to measure up to his master Darth Sidious, disliked mere Jedi Order Padawan VN Ysadora on principle before they ever met. Jedi are the sworn enemy of the Sith, after all!


Then she publicly referred to him as "Darth Slick". Which was apparently a dig at his exquisite personal care regimen.


Then she -- a Jedi wannabe -- when faced with the true test of a lightsaber duel, she shot him at point-blank range with a blaster on stun. Instead of facing her ignominious death in the time-honored tradition of all Jedi versus all Sith, she. just. Blaster to the face. Out of nowhere.


When Feyd died, Vanya sent her formal condolences. In the oldest tradition. No gloating. No triumph. Genuine sorrow for his loss. No permission from her master to do so, either, that was certain!


When Darth Dragomir was about to finally justify all of his master's impatient efforts, when he had his lightsaber buried in the chest of Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, Ysadora had the disgrace to put her hand on Dragomir's hilt and dissipate the power out of the blade and then bodily shove Dragomir off the catwalk, saving the old man's life, when she had no business interrupting their duel at all!


But she somehow never hinted to certain Powers that Dragomir had been present at that event, that he could have witnessed what no one must know. That he might have survived in the chaos.


She is a Jedi!
(Who readily admits that the Dark Side is devastatingly powerful in a given single moment).
In the cheerful habit of announcing that, "My religion happens to be correct!"
-- but almost always follows with, "but yours works for you, which is all that matters."
She discovered evidence from the Corporate Sector that she may have as strong a blood claim to the Vorharkonnen Countship as he and his brother had together!
(and immediately abdicated it as thoroughly as the law can arrange.)
She strides through the galaxy in the brash confidence that her way is best
and so often, that "way" includes ceding primacy to a person of a different faith, because the result is what matters to her.


(Vanya's version of this story is very different, that's for certain.)

Nicknames & Petnames

"Dear cousin."

Relationship Reasoning

Vanya and Dragomir are not on friendly terms. They're civil to each other. They are pleasant because otherwise there will be serious combat and they are good-humored about it because the alternative is to say "no more of this shit" and start combat and that gives them the social lubrication necessary to work in the same space against mutually disliked exterior issues.


Vanya doesn't hate Dragomir, but she knows damn well he would cause other people pain just to drink it in, and she calculates every interaction with him based on how to channel HIS interests so they don't become HER problem.


Dragomir respects Vanya, but she irritates the hell out of him. He takes pot shots at her because the alternative is to go "I'm done with every bit of this" and throw down... which hurts his plans and that won't ever do. So he puts up with her, knowing he can work mostly around her. In the meantime, he prepares in case of a day where he's backed into a corner and has to thrown down.

Legal Status

fellow Tapani citizens, not even of the same Great House

Davish Tam

boyfriend (Important)

Towards VN Ysadora




VN Ysadora

girlfriend (Important)

Towards Davish Tam




Wealth & Financial state

Funds: 3d (1d)

    • note: recently spent most of the accumulated income from her Tapani "petty knighthood" on a single employment contract; it will take a while for this to accumulate, and even longer for her to pay it attention again.
  • Most of Vanya's income is derived from her private investigator work at Mystic Mob Investigations. Most of that goes back into the Jedi Temple. She and Davish live comfortably in a studio apartment about twenty minutes' walk away from their office. Both places are rentals.
  • Honorary & Occupational Titles
    • Dame Ysadora (Tapani Sector formal situations only, also, she hates this)
    • Jedi Knight
    • General (used by clones only)
    • Commander (used by clones who have known her a long time and are having anxiety)
    Currently Held Titles
    Year of Birth
    12695 (36 years old)
    Mirrul Hospital, Skirzden, Esseles, Essessia System, Darpa sector
    Current Residence
    Tavya Nine, Tavya System
    Biological Sex
    Gender Identity
    Female human (she/her)
    approx 150 lbs
    Aligned Organization
    Jedi Order
    Known Languages
    Basic (Galactic common language)
    Written language: Jedi Script
    Appears in...

    So many quotes; so little time
    Vanya: I'm a cheap drunk.
    Danar: Oh, no; {gestures with tin cup} with this, you'll be an expensive drunk.
    — in reaction to Vanya's attempt to get only a symbolic measure of vintage wine poured for her, "Life and Times on Geidi Prime", Star Wars: Shards of Honor Campaign, March 14, 2009
    While Eleni completely agrees with Vanya, her mind tends to take terms such as "eat your heart out" quite literally. "Fixing" is not an option. Leaving them wanting air is
    — Romantic Interests are not "fixer-uppers", Discussion thread for "Time Enough to Spare"
    Eleni to Tsu: I like Simon, but you don't need to keep arranging for us to spend time together.
    Vanya to Tsu: She means Tam, not Illyan!
    Eleni to Vanya: That's right, thanks.
    — We'd like Tsu Vorboccioni to quit messing with our (potential) love lives, Band of Shadows, August 30, 2009
    {Eleni has been mindtwisted by a Dathomirian illusion spell; coming up from behind, Vanya prepares to lay her hand flat on Eleni's upper back}
    Vanya, to the party: Everything's going to be all right.
    Vanya, sotto voce: Shit!
    — if this doesn't work, I am soooo dead!, Rebel Yell, Saturday, December 5, 2009
    {Vanya uses the Force to contact Eleni's mind at the same time as she speaks aloud}
    Vanya: Wake up.
    Eleni's player, gleefully: You're using the Voice!
    — well, "Alter Mind", but in either case, without a whit of training for it; Rebel Yell, Saturday, December 5, 2009
    Eleni: So, which one of us is going?
    Vanya: Paper, Rock, Scissors?
    Eleni: Sure.
    {Both players back away from the table, face each other, and begin PRS.}
    Both: {scissors}
    Vanya: {stands up, faces GM, points dramatically at Eleni} That's not fair!
    — Moral of the story: never play PRS against members of the Mystic Mob. Star Wars: Rebel Yell, Saturday, December 5, 2009
    IP address:
    Vanya's password: peelingveggies
    GM: {snortcackle}
    Commander Loren: Ah. You must have trained under Master Skywalker.
    Rebel Yell, Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
    Vanya: Do I feel like I should be carrying an axe?
    GM: You ALWAYS feel like you should be carrying an axe.
    WookieeGunner: You always feel like you should be carrying a blaster.
    Vanya: I've been carrying a blaster since before I was carrying a lightsaber.
    Eleni: *I've* been carrying a blaster since I met Vanya!
    — "Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared, Saturday, July 31st, 2010
    {the hell-walrus fires}
    Yeager: That one's GOT TO GO
    Eleni and Khun: {simultaneously Working on it.
    — Same inflection and everything; Requiem, Saturday, October 9th, 2010
    Eleni and Vanya: {explain about Royal Blood thing from Matres Merglin}
    Rico: { o_O }
    — He is pretty sure this is entirely wrong; Spatial Relations; Sunday, March 13th, 2012
    VN: And I don't think "Count Lod Vorzorad" is a keen idea, either!
    Count Vorboccioni: {giggles maniacally}
    — one of the options is to elevate Yeager Lexics to be a Count; aftermath of Spatial Relations; Sunday, March 13th, 2012
    Vod'ika, maybe now is a good time for you to step behind the Captain....
    — Vanya to Rico, while struggling to hold the hunter-seeker still long enough for Eleni to subdue it to death; Spatial Relations; Sunday, March 13th, 2012
    Mr. Smiley is retiring....
    — Vanya to Yeager, or maybe Jennie to Tommy; A Card to Play; Sunday, September 11th, 2011
    Eleni: ... I've got this voice telling me what I ought to do, and you're tempting me to do dumb things!
    Vanya: Don't you MISS the dumb stuff?
    — Vanya coaxes Eleni to drop out of sight for a rescue mission; Fool's Mate; Sunday, December 4th, 2011
    Come get me right now.
    — Email from Vanya to Jedi Temple, to be delivered as soon as her DataPADD gets a signal to one of the comms satellites above the planet; Tales from the Cantina: Absentis Persona; Saturday, October 6th, 2012

    To which they will actually take seriously since it doesn't have her customary "Hello muther ... hello fadda ... greetings from camp ... waka-sitha" -- GM

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    Memorable meals

    Best meal I ever had? That would be tough to pick out, actually.


    I can tell you about the worst one, though. I was, let me see ... I was about twenty-five standard years old, working as a dba for an orbital station construction crew. We were subcontracting for some expansion and retrofit work on Corvalis, a peg-in-a-ring looking space station out in the Nezri System. The construction crew were decent sorts, but not inclined to let "the office flunky" into their after hours hijinx, which I guess I can't really blame them for. I mean, I processed their paychecks and filed their materials requests.


    Anyway, most of my meals on that job were some kind of pasta in some kind of seasoned broth with some kind of barely-identifiable but brightly colored chunks of vacuum-frozen bits. You work with a lot of bulk purchases on that sort of job site. I was trying to save up money as fast as I could, in order to fund the last stage of my private investigator apprenticeship and qualify for a license; so I ate the cheap rations for as long as I could stand them, and then I would take my once-per-twenty-days trip to the regional office as a chance to eat a nicer meal.


    It was usually pub food.


    Which means it was only a matter of time before I got something truly not designed for humanoid consumption.


    So this one trip, I stopped in the nearest open place while I waited for the regional office to swap out data crystals. I'd eaten there before. I ordered something with "nerf" in the title, figured as long as it was cooked through, I should be okay, right?


    I should have gone down a couple levels to Flangth-to-Go. Really.


    The dish came to me the first time and it was still half frozen. I sent it back, politely but a little exasperated.

    Next time it was in front of me, everything was black. I poked it a little bit and flames shot out. The bartender hit it with the extinguisher before I could discover any more.


    I heard a lot of yelling in the kitchen before I was finally presented with a plate of ... sort of warning-tape-yellow ... oval lumps on top of these orange flat slabs. I guess that might have been sauce on top of a piece of meat? Only its surface tension was so strong that I could not pierce it with a fork.


    I wound up eating about half of an orange flat slab thing. I can tell you a few things: it was decidedly not nerf-anything. It probably was vat-grown, and that vat needed serious repairs. And the seasoning was, as far as I could tell, grated peas dyed with food coloring, because it had nearly no taste at all.


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