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Emperor of the Galactic Empire, head of the current Sith Order and architect of the downfall of both the Old Republic and the Jedi Order. Also alleged to be a not-so-nice guy. He justifies nigh everything in his press releases as part of his New Order that will bring peace throughout the galaxy. First, we shoot all the troublemakers….
— From VN Ysadora’s datapad

Palpatine was a human from the world of Naboo who rose from Senator, to Chancellor then later self-proclaimed Emperor. By the time the Shards of Honor campaign began, he was already past middle age for a human, though due to the scars he carried from Force lightning, he looked much older.


Recently, he had been thought dead and deposed as Emperor of the Galactic Star Empire. Secretly, he had been plotting against the Tapani Imperium and the Alliance itself. This culminated into a plan where he used Gregor Vortapani’s sister, Katianna, in a bid to take over the Tapani Imperium.


The attempt was foiled, and Palpatine lost his life in the process.


Succession of the Galactic Star Empire throne fell to a long lost niece, Sister-Captain Jenna Martovich of the Bene Gesserit Order. She accepted, becoming Empress Jenna of the Galactic Star Empire.

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