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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Vesskhe invented the inflatable body system which he and his fellow adventuring Priests are using in this mission to sneak past the notice of the strange Drift Cuttles. These are not normally their bodies; they have transferred their positronic brains into the disc-shaped Travel Cases which also contain the flexible carbon-fiber skeleton and nanoelectronic mechanisms which operate within the inflated vinyl body of their "activated" form.


The vinyl of the inflated bodies is easily damaged (and easily repaired, given time and a thoroughly sealing adhesive), but the carbon-fiber skeleton is extremely strong. Nyssa can, if necessary, rip Muinmos's positronic brain out of its heavily shielded housing and carry it to safety.

Body Features

Lilac-white vinyl "skin"

Facial Features

electric yellow "eyes" (hyperspectral cameras)

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Nyssa has gotten very good at calculating hyperspace navigational routes. (Obviously!)


Nyssa has also developed an encryption system for her computer programming that is keyed to specific stellar spectra: what she locks can only be unlocked with the correct devices and also at a certain range from a specific star.

Failures & Embarrassments

And then she developed a device to mimic said stellar spectra, allowing any knowledgeable thief to fool the locks. The relative ease with which she did this annoys her very much.

Morality & Philosophy

To Invent is Good.

To Comprehend is Best.


Religious Views

Nyssa is a priest of Triune, especially of Its Aspect as Epoch, the Transcendent. She practices her devotion in her mathematical astronomy: she analyzes star spectra, galactic drift, hyperspace realities such as the Drift, and all the many ways in which movement in Prime space affects hyperspaces and vice versa.

Current Location
Osiris Branch Library
electric yellow
6'2" (1.88 m.)

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