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TC519 ARC specialist Master Sergeant

Based on Carl Jenkins from Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, especially the adaptation of him in early episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles by Paul Verhoeven et al

Jenkins Vorysadora (a.k.a. TC-519)

Member of the ARCtrooper unit known as Razak's Roughnecks, self-referenced as “Apes”. He’s an intel specialist who’s been quietly working his way through the tactician training, under Razak’s tutelage, for several years now.


I have gathered that he was in either the same original pod as Rico, or the next one down the line; they act like they grew up together, anyway, a little more so than either man does with the rest of his unit brethren.


He’s a little shy.


Just because other clone troopers, or his designated Jedi, are doing a lot of the talking does NOT mean he is not interested, or contributing!

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jenkins is a rare "intel specialist" among the ARC trooper unit, particularly gifted at communications and coordination.

It is not known to most Force users that Master Sergeant Jenkins Vorysadora of the Beskar Aran is Force sensitive, is so tightly connected to his fellow veterans of the 257th Clone Detachment and especially the 12th Advanced Recon Clone Detachment that he can contact any/all of them in tandem or in series as if he were the Force's gift to comms officers. He can locate them, communicate with them, relay not just messages but also sensory impressions back and forth, keep all his brothers in psychic conjunction, even connect them to each other.


And to Vanya.


Who instantly swore herself to secrecy, because this is the clones' most closely-kept secret defense against a Galaxy too ready to treat them as things instead of people. Once Jenkins was willing to broach the subject with Vanya -- which took about a thousand years too long for Vanya's nerves, but since the calendar only showed two years, she sent herself off to go peel vegetables every time she felt her stress twanging -- Vanya took Jenkins and a couple other Roughnecks off to the most boring place she knew, and then threw everything she could think of into testing Jenkins' use of the Force from an outside observer's perspective.


What they found was that, first, circumstances have to be very extreme for Jenkins to need a great effort in order to Sense one of his brethren; second, that among the veterans of the 257th, Vanya could not particularly tell that Force abilities were activating a stronger connection than any very very large group of common-raised siblings would typically show; third, that she did detect a concentration of the Force when Jenkins attempted to detect other Clone Troopers such as Yeager Lexics and Lod Zorad or Storm Troopers who are not clones.


Vanya strongly advised Jenkins to not take that risk if she is not around.


She has since taken the credit for Force activity which others have occasionally noticed in passing, using her official position as the Beskar Aran's assigned Chaplain as all the explanation she bothers to give a Mentat or Qo'shasot or Bene Gesserit who so much as gets curious about a fluctuation of the Light Side.


Vanya further advised Jenkins, Razak, and Rico to do some in-depth analysis before they decided whether to include their "cousins" in Clan Venn in the Beskar Aran, because whether or not Jenkins' ability extends to them, they are going to notice that comforting presence on the edge of their minds, sooner or later. The trio decided in favor, before they knew that Jenkins' abilities would in fact work with these new people.


Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker deduced what was going on with the clones during the Long Night, but kept that information to himself until very shortly before Crime and Punishment when he foresaw great danger looming toward the Beskar Aran and Emperor Gregor both. He then told Jenkins, quietly and very carefully, that if he needed assistance in his work that -- exactly like Jenkins sometimes did with Vanya -- Jenkins was always welcome to draw on Anakin.

Intellectual Characteristics

Shy, intellectual, extremely cautious when not in the presence of at least four other members of the Beskar Aran

Clone Trooper

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