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Fragile Delivery: Eleni Benacor

written by Eleni Benacor's player from November 10th, 2012 through March 9th, 2013

General Summary



Lucente was returned to his dad. Tarkin and the police are satisfied, and the bounty hunters will have to find a new armpit of the universe to skulk in.


We are done with the Night Imps, and Crazy Planet of the Jogu fruit, but Greelo has decided to return to more “civilized” space with us. Not sure why. I suspect that he is still working on an angle to turn us all in for the money. Just a suspicion, though. Always pays to be observant.


Still on Khun's ship, the Private Dancer, we cruised into Port Santiago, on the edge of Vormecetti space , a space station that we hope holds the “deadly cargo” from Rogga the Hutt. Deadly cargo is out there somewhere, ready for the black market. The station is one of those hub-ringed deals, so it's big enough to have to search.


I'm heading to Spacer's Row. Woo! I'm bringing my camera! Khun knows this place better than I, but I have been here a bit. No one seems to need to kill us on general principal yet. Without incident, I find the Golden Chiron Sushi bar – that's the place for me! Vanya's going to look around Sinclair's, which is a hangout for construction types. Before entering the Golden Chiron, who should I spy but.. but.. Yeager Lexics.. yet not Yeager Lexics. He's in weird armor. Mando combat armor. But, he's walking about, in the flesh! I waved noncommittally, he nodded in that Fett way. (ooc – he's been around about one day). Apparently he's doing something that the Emperor's Hand might not want to be caught doing.


So, I scoot on into the purveyor of fine fish. An old acquaintance of mine, Lyle Karrach, is there, as is a more recently met Trandoshan bounty hunter named Juuus. Seems like a small galaxy for some of us. Maybe he didn't like the fruit basket.


Talking to Lyle – his eyes are interesting, swirly and colorful in that Cetagandan way. He tells me about a guy named Gel Rhomas, who is looking for a spacer who likes risk. He'll pay six figures to run his new tech out of here. The best place to find him is either Quick Shots Tattoos, or Sinclair's. The guy likes to tattoo the names of all the live bounties he's caught on his body somewhere. Seems kinda weird to me. Lyle mentions some other work – offloading prisoners for a cut in the profits. Grr. Something about a few ships going missing, too. There's a demand for durasteel, and puzzle flowers are in demand. Omar's Arms is a good place to find out about durasteel. Something about a special kind of puzzle flower is very lucrative. A guy named Janis Aren is a bounty hunter looking for frieghters who wouldn't mind carrying special cargo – high paying bounties. Lyle is a font of interesting leads.


Yeager (I mean Aidan Quillix) and Vanya are at Sinclair's. I text her about Lyle's leads, and she texts back “Found him” regarding Gel Rhomas. Awesome.


(ooc -Greelo went to Omar's Arms, and talked smack about Rogga the Hutt with an old friend. Eleni and Khun both have good reputations among smugglers, but are also known to fight and bring trouble, even though they get out of it. What is the definition of “Hinky”?).


At Omar's Arms, next to Omar's Arbor, I ask around about the puzzle flowers, but get no where. Something weird going on in Bay 12, though. Shuffling feet. Rogga's bay, though. Maybe to do with Rogga's things?


Two humans talk about puzzle flowers in low tones. Apparently it's a big secret. Bounty Hunter and Smuggler (less armor). They arrive at a deal – Bay 12. A big guy enters. The dockworker type. He speaks to the bartender and talks to the smuggler. He might have a buyer for the puzzle flowers. Why is this so important? Seven figures??? What kind of puzzle flowers are these? Docking bay 12.


Yeager texts – weaponized puzzle flowers. So what is the shuffling? (ooc – Yeager gets a phonecall from the bartender at Sinclair's about cargo bay 12).


We are all headed there. I don't like it.


(ooc – Greelo questions Rogga's Trandoshan. He has a deep voice. He said Greelo was suppposed to deliver a live bounty, but didn't. Which is why He didn't get paid. Hmmm.)


Cargo bay 11 – Rogga's. Freelance operative working both sides. Keldrum WarrenChiss exile from the system.


Ok, so far Eleni Benacor is a kick ass scary person to go up against.


Cargo rings have a lot of nooks and alcoves for “business transactions”.


(Ooc – Yeager gets to Bay 12 first. Funny feeling about 12. first side of 12 has a dead guy and big crates. Second side has giant crates and small ones. There is a goo in patches around the walls. There really IS puzzle fruit. No slime trail. Footprints away from the body. Whatever killed the guy turned his head around backwards. Renslip Fin (BH), last seen on the planet of the Jogu Fruit.)


Vanya and I catch up on the way to Bay 12. We rent ATV's. I track gooey footprints to 3 different air ducts between bays. Vanya is examining good. (good is undead type stuff).
Greelo is joining us.
I choose the right sided set of tracks to follow – military boot treads. Different boot treads than what I've seen on Procopia.


Greelo is being sneaky and Vanya warns me of Reavers, so I get my blaster ready before opening the grate. They use a flesh dissolver to get rid of reavers on this station. Vanya tells us that the station is alerted to the reavers. Hopefully they won't start spraying until we get out.


(ooc - Greelo is doing his own research. Yeager hears a cracking of bones. We all do. The dead boday is standing up. It's like Death Becomes Her. Yeager's reaver collapses and is torn up by a grenade. It finally stopped. He finds acid and pours it on the guy. And bleach).


The reaver in the vent I chose started to hurry, and I followed it to a central ladder (central hub). Another vent found.I am in a medical bay of some kind. I see a smudge and follow it to a kiosk. Through the vents, I get to the med bay (a med bay) and come upon 2 “dead” victims, one living victim trying to get away, 1 new reaver, and 1 old slimy reaver. I contact station security, and they say to close the med bay off, so they can gas it. I need to get to the lone alive person and get both of us out first. I manage a straffing run through the hallway, hoping that there's a sealing panel on the other side. It worked, and the survivor is with me and alive, for the moment.


Greelo has similar trouble. He hit one reaver, but shot an innocent guard, who charged him. Or something.


Vanya ended up in a casino.


(ooc – then I went home and fell asleep. The next chapter of this story, I was not there, but from what I understand, we all kicked asses and many were severely wounded by their bravery. When I came back, I was told that Khun was in hospital, Vanya was ill, Yeager was hurt badly, and I had taken out a million reavers by myself).


Deathtrap with reavers part... not sure.


We start this session off with the memoirs of a station commander, one Sinclair O'Brian.
“2 platoons of Alliance Marines are infected by reavers”. Alexander Van Sant helped to clean up the problem. He needed the right means to motivate. I did save a few people who reported “fire and explosions”. Yeager and Greelo and Vanya made the station shake once. 15:1 outnumbered.


Security has come in to clean up. I pick up medpacks and bactapads. Estimated 4-5 commandos still alive and more that have been infected. Security comes into medbay with security chief Lt. Vansant (Vanya's talked to him before). He has 5 officers with him – body guards. He says “good work”. People blockaded in the habitat ring area – green and blue sectors. Station master is coming to speak to us personally. Khun is unconscious. Yeager and Greelo have been shot. Vanya is bruised, like I am. We all get healed up – some aches, but the rest is “taken care of”.


None of the reavers are military grade. Not recently “turned”. 1-2 bounty hunters, but no military commandos. Refugees trying to get away from reavers are in Green Sector, which is a giant park run by Ithorians. Military people and alliance troopers.


What was Reaver's destination? What was capital ship's destination? Seems like they were really supposed to spawn here for some reason.


Blue sector – casino with multiple tiers. Autumn Moon Hotel. Transportation through monorail tubes is functional. Some places are not safe yet, but are being cleaned out. The Reavers must get around on foot.
Sinclair O'Brian – human graying at the temples, former military mannerisms. Colonel-type. He is NOT from Tapani sector. Possibly Corellian. Accent is odd. I remain as quiet as possible. He has a bigger problem than Reavers.


He talks about Port Santiago being founded by SanDae Corp in the Corporate Sector. Bankers. Ion engines, weapons, various products. They took out insurance against catastrophic disasters. Reaver attacks were covered, so Sinclair O'Brian is supposed to destroy/BLOW UP the station with everyone on it. He wants to NOT do this, so we have to help him clean it in a less totalitarian way. I am all for this.


Vanya and Greelo want to blame Rogga the Hutt, but he's not really one for something that rash. At least not one to think up something like this on his own.

  1. track person responsible. He wants to offer us a letter of marque. Money amount for every reaver dealt with. I will totally take it. No one seems unwilling to listen to this guy, yet.
  2. Kill reavers
  3. ..
We read the contract issued to us as a group. It will be an official bankingn clan letter of marque. We report to O'Brian directly. Open ended for services rendered with no deadline. It's a standard letter of Marque (banking). Group contract as a band of thugs. The contract doesn't actually say “band of thugs”.


I agree, on a few conditions: I will be considered for shipping trade after everything is done on this station. There is a definite end to the contract when everything is resolved. I am now listed as a Privateer. I have salvage rights, the ability to claim salvage/confiscate a ship as prize of war. If we are attacked, it is an act of war. All of us except Khun signed agreements. Greelo and I are Privateers, whereas Yeager and Vanya are rent-a-cops.


We asked to see security recordings of the cargo bays in question. There were three other visitors to Bay 11 and 12.


((need to claim the capital ship for Yeager)).


The first was a trandoshan – Tereb.
The second was my buddy Lyle Karrach.
The third was Gel Rhomas, the one that Vanya talked to in Sinclair's, and the one that Lyle mentioned in connection to high risk transport.


Each came in at a separate time. The records about who rented the space have been scrambled by a slicer.


Vanya and I are going to Sinclair's, and then the tattoo parlor in search of Gel Rhomas, and possibly Lyle.


Greelo found several bounties on Gel Rhomas, all small time. Lyle, however, had a high bounty on him, but it was paid by an unnamed benefactor. The bounty was issued by the Vormecetti family.


(ooc – Yeager is doing computer research. One came from Setolio. Juuus is the captain of the Sadeet. He is working for Rogga. Barin Tophis on Setolio might have shipped the reavers to the station. Yeager has found blaster fire and a dead guy. Cargo bay 11 now empty.)


Sinclair's is a bar on Spacer's Row. One of many. It has a tattoo parlor. Quickshots is also a tattoo parlor nearby. Very rundown-ish. No one seems worried about the Reavers. This is Yellow Sector.


Some Mandos arrive, armed to the teeth.


Vanya orders another sandwich (with spiced nerf blood). Lyle is across the room, drinking.


I get a beer in a mug made from a rewelded plasma coupling. Yum. Greasy. Vanya sits down. Lyle has a black eye, and he's not looking like he wants company. Still, he's willing to talk. Maybe it's the booze. A “royal version of a crime family” paid his bounty off. Three Trandoshans are watching Vanya, but they are really here to make sure Lyle doesn't leave. Lyle's to stay on this station for a certain amount of time, and then his bounty is paid in full. They look like bad news.


Lyle made arrangements for Rogga's shipment to go through, but he never saw the contents. “What is in cargo bay 11 is a special project that will ensure him control of the trade routes and ensure the houses will not bother him again.” - Lyle. If the guy could guess, the reavers are “pretty bad”. The Cargo is being transported right now. But no SHIP has left the station. Cargo tugs have, because they are not part of the station security ship controls.


A Trandoshan doesn't like that Lyle is being so talkative, so I splash him with the drink, and smack him with the table. He stumbles. Not Lyle. The Trandoshan.


Vanya goes behind me and heads towards the front door. She is calling the station. Lyle pulls a blaster out, and tries to reason with his babysitters. We have a bar fight! We Win! And follow Lyle. Lyle says something about rescuing his sister, who is in trouble again.


(Ooc – Yeager works at disabling the tug/droid thing. He is blowing up 4 tugs, but some kind of ship is 20 meters away from him, and he cannot see it. Now it is following him. Evasive maneuvers! 2 spheroid things – buzzdroids. Ack!. People (or droids) were watching from a maintenance hatch on the station)).




(Ooc- Yeager is landing his ship after the buzzbot attack. He lands as gently as possible. Anyway, the ship dies. Bad things happened to the ship. He's going after the guys that were watching. Nothing in the area is moving. Not even the droids. Station recorders are offline. His thoughts are that this is an ambush.(Western Ghosttown music). Now he's being shot at, cutting the antenna off of his Mando helmet. Three concussion grenades come bouncing. He dodges ahead. The grenades go off. Things are 'sploding. His ship is in pieces. Three guys to deal with, behind cover. He ionized one guy, and dodged well. The next guy is in a sealed body armor, so a quick blaster shot didn't do much. It made him stagger, though. Possibly a big-wig wearing this armor? Hmm. No identifying marks, and well used. Probably hired from some company like the one who recently hired us (see Sinclair O'Brian). **Eleni wants a punch dagger built into her armor!** Big fight that won't be over quickly. Yeager is going to earn his cigar this time. The third guy starts shooting -weasel. He keeps running into extremely volatile cargo, ALL stored in the same area. Who gave him the thermal detonator/Mr. Smiley? It's not Yeager without them, though. Two grenades find him behind volatile battery storage, and he FLIES. He's getting shot a great deal, but is still mobile. Yeager's concussion grenade knocked Mr. Badass armor guy on his butt. Dude shoots stuff out of his ARM. Ionization rockets. It's Iron Man. Explosion, and Yeager flies again. These guys have nanite patches for healing, and want to ventilate our Yeager. )


Vanya is babysitting Lyle. “This is NOT how it's supposed to be.” he says. I am going to look for clues. Vanya's jedi sense goes off. She shoves Lyle. A blaster shot with ionization trail shoots at Vanya. She uses her lightsabers to bat it away. She says “Balls” as a blaster shot destroys the door.


Some other kind of beam shoots down from the rafters. Vanya does her amazing saber dance. Highlight reel! I see a figure in the rafters. He's wearing a blending material that camoflages his features. What was shot at Vanya was an acidic-based phosphorous round. Nasty. This guy is not trying to take any of us alive.Lyle almost hits him. The guy leans completely back, almost anticipating Lyle's shot, using his rifle as a back brace, and balancing on his two feet and a knee only. He has a missile launcher gauntlet on his wrist. Well-funded for toys like that. I dodged as three bladed darts slammed into the rafter near me. They embedded two inches, and there were still three more inches of metal to see. Ouch. I kept at him, and kicked him in the head, but he somehow knew what I was going to do, and deflected my kick. Now, we're doing rafter fu.


I am thinking abomination, but something about him isn't exactly right. Even so, I plan on using the syringe Simon Tam gave me to deal with the Bene Gesserit wanna-be's as soon as I can.
Vanya uses the Force to tug on his jock strap, and he loses balance, landing on the bar's roof! Lyle is going to try to gun down the guy. Lyle is being very smuggler-brave. I guess he's tired of being jerked around by Rogga. Finally. The assassin is running. Lyle is running and shooting. The assassin lands in a crouch on the ground. Vanya swears in three different languages at Lyle as she defends him from the assassin's darts.


I am hit on the chin, first level of stunned after he predicted my move again. From somewhere, Greelo has fired arrows into the guy's cloak, pinning him to the spot. He made a noise, as though he was in pain. Could his cloak be a physical part of him? I break his wrist, a lesson not to hit a lady in the face. He didn't predict THAT.


Vanya found a noghri commando who isn't really “involved”, per se. He was only to deliver the assassin, and then watch. Really. Now he's working for Vanya, who can pay him much better.


We (the assassin and I) do a little dance and end up back to back, with me gripping his broken wrist. One of Greelo's arrows pierces the guy's foot, and I grab his neck from behind, giving a reverse neck pinch. It was … odd, though. His muscles were layered, and wrong. He didn't move like a human, either, and had a small static charge. Satisfied that he is paralyzed, I let him fall, NOT DEAD, to the floor with a thunk.


(ooc – Khun was in the bacta tank for a long while. He's getting out. Lt. Alexsander Van Sant tells him what's up. He gets the same deal was we get. He finds out, while checking with Gregor personally about his ability to sign banking company contracts, that a Mandalorian Death Squad assaulted the emperor while we weren't there. Khun talks to Gregor about the red tape of getting the letter of Marque).


(Yeager is on the floor wth no one paying attention. He's goona do something miraculous. He causes a diversion – puzzle fruit (the weaponized hybrid). He plans on using it to cause enough fire to cover the other guys in fire suppression foam. Ha. Little does he know. One puzzle fruit shot with a blaster is equivalent to a thermal detonator in blast force and range. He quickly found out!)


Yeager (I mean Aidan!) got a call out to Vanya, Khun, and I. We hurried down to bays 11 and 12, Greelo as well. Vanya stayed with Lyle and the immobile assassin, continuing to lecture Lyle on staying out of people's way when they were trying to save him.


While I worked on getting shields and forcefield operational from the outside of the bays, Khun worked with the maintenance techs to get an umbilical cord for steadier power feed. I found a biohazard field program to enact around the three guys who were after Yeager. They had grouped together, with two of them secured in magnetic clamps, so it was easy to shut them off from everyone else. Greelo got an arrow out to Yeager, which helped to steady him until the fields were stabilized.


(ooc -The little noghri took the head off of Greelo's electrified arrow, and began shocking the assassin in specific muscle groups along his body. Vanya is working to get him to stop. The Noghri seems to like torturing my paralized guy, very calmly, in a freaky way. He says that this assassin is from an order that grows their own modifications to their bodies. “bioware”. Living, but not. Lyle is coming around. Lyle is getting handcuffed. Vanya is tired of this shit. Lyle is annoyed, but safe for now).
I got the big bad main guy who attacked Yeager to strip his armor off, using the Voice. It was amusing, but he didn't seem to be completely under my influence. Where are these guys coming from? I claim the armor as a spoil of war, and plan on giving it to Yeager for research and whatever he wants to do with it. Might be a small wrinkle in that plan, though. The guys are cybernetically attached through some underwear to the suit. It seems to be completely tailored just for the individual. They aren't getting it back, though. When the guy starts to go through a lengthy process of removing the body stocking, I stop him from having to go any further.


They will be handcuffed, marched/gurneyed to jail, and their bioware will be disabled. None of these guys are wanted by anyone. “the corporation sent these guys”. They apparently still want to scrub the station. Vanya surmises that this was all planned out ahead of time, or they would not have arrived so soon.


Khun and I notice that a maintenance alert has gone off. There was a brief blip of a call for maintenance that was abruptly silenced. Faulty power alarm? I head to Bay 10.


(ooc -Sparks calls Yeager (Aidan!) finally with the results of his hacking/slicing. After five levels of encryption, he has come up with some names: Barin Tofis, Keldrum Warren, and a third party not listed that was to oversee the movement of the cargo. )


I am heading to Bay 10. SunDai corporation put the place for sale/decommission 2 weeks ago. It was blocked at the transmission relay. A relay owned by House Vormecetti.


Bay 10's blast doors are closed, as if the ship is in prep for leaving. Using the cameras to make sure we wouldn't be charging into a vacuum, I saw a heavily modified YT 1303. Someone has just finished tinkering with the docking clamps. He is wearing some cool goggles. He closed a panel to the clamp. They are trying to leave without permission, and the clamp would not hold them any longer. Khun talks to security.


The guy with the cool goggles, actually a goggle on one eye only, kind of like an eyepatch but cooler, gets spooked and starts to run, but Khun suddenly turns on the charm, slowing him down. Khun lies so well. He says he's a reporter, and has the guy flimflammed in seconds. He's obviously not the main one to talk to, though. I sneak away, suddenly there, suddenly not, and get on board the ship. In the cockpit, I can see a guy, definitely the pilot, possibly the face guy, wearing a flack vest and banging his head on the wall behind him as he and some other, obscured guy wait for their pal to get done with Khun. Face guy's pants look like Galactic Imperial Military. I sneak away and disable the ship, pocketing some key memory disks so they can't take off.


The other guy in the cockpit gives me an eerie feeling. His voice is.. familiar, in a spine-prickling way. I should know it. He called Face guy “Barin”. I have to see this man. I have to know who it is before I get off the ship. Before Khun gets done with his friend. Edging closer, I see him a little better. Medium build, his hair is blocked by the headrest. He taps the power diagnostics screen, noting that something is wrong with the part I just sabotaged. The other guy, Barin, turns to find out what the problem is, and sees me. Still haven't seen the other guy.


I try my pleasant “Hi!” approach, which nearly always works, but it doesn't. I almost lie, saying that I was with the reporter, and I came on board to get some pictures. Ok, I didn't say mental pictures. Mr. Mysterious turns, and it's Parnell Makola. Mak. Haven't seen him since the Straw Hat Gang fiasco. Oh hell. He quickly rats me out, telling this Barin guy my complete name, and then telling him both of Khun's names. Weasel. I mutter “tell me you're not involved in this.” and he replied “then we'd have nothing to talk about.” So yeah, he's the third person. But, just like Lyle, and Greelo, he's got a sob story about Rogga having screwed him over. I tell him he's not going anywhere, so he might as well join me at a bar for a drink, and he grins a little, knowing I've done something to the ship (cause he would have done it, too), then agrees. Weasel.


He won't be grinning when I tell him I've seized his ship as a spoil of war.


While on the way to the ship to get some interogation equipment (read booze), Eleni was captured by a Mandalorian bounty hunter (see Vanya's notes for name 1 - Eleni didn't get a name, yet) using stun grenades(plural) and some kind of gas that knocked her out. She is currently in a cell on the guy's ship, and really annoyed with herself that she wasn't paying attention. Oh, and trying to figure out how to kill him without "killing" him.


If you need help on the punishing without killing front, I know several Vor that you could set him up on a date with that are noted as being "A fate worse than death." (They have little skull and crossbones in my book and everytihg.) -- Tsu Vorboccioni

Hey, is Khun in the next prison cell over? because Yeager saw you get captured on CNN Live too! But, possibly, not by the same bounty team. - VN Ysadora

That would explain the blinding light. All this time I thought it was a hangover. - Tsu Vorboccioni

I have a hangover now from the paralyzing gas. Does that count?


CNN Live has nothing on the highlight reels :) - Eleni Benacor

1 Renslip Fin, same guy you saw on the evidence tape earlier. He was on Setolio same time as us? I missed that!
Report Date
12 Nov 2014

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