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Fortune Hunters

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 3.0 "The Sleeper Awakens"
Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies

This gang likes to think of itself as swashbuckling rogues, not as true pirates; they can be talked into taking "heroic" non-piratical jobs … temporarily. But never forget: they’re pirates. Mighty pirates! Just ask Guybrush Threepwood!

Illicit, Pirate Crew


The Fortune Hunters think the Medusas are probably okay to do business with; Fortune Hunters respect the Medusas' skills and territory, unless it's particularly to the Fortune Hunters' advantage to take whatever they want and ignore the Medusas' claims.

The Medusas are willing to trust the Fortune Hunters exactly as far as they can throw 'em. Make a business deal with a Fortune Hunter? Absolutely, so long as it's cash-in-hand for goods-in-hand. Stand shoulder to shoulder with a Fortune Hunter? Sure. Let him guard your back? Pffffft! No! Even if he doesn't shoot you in the back or pick your pocket, he'll probably widdle on the carpet.


If they're in the same bar and they are NOT actively trying to kill each other, it is because
  1. someone with more immediate power has announced strict consequences to both parties if either one acts up;
  2. they are spying on each other;
  3. they are actively engaged in some other form of conflict, such as bidding on a weapons auction, or regional karaoke championships; and, in the process,
  4. they are actively engaged in sabotaging one another.

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