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Black Hats

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 3.0 “The Sleeper Awakens”
Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies

This vicious pirate crew is more trouble than six hyperactive Mentat toddlers in a malfunctioning chemical refinement facility. Somebody once told them that it's foolish to take a knife to a gunfight; they responded by rigging up a tennis ball machine to throw knives instead of tennis balls. Sure, it jammed up and exploded after about twenty seconds, but the surviving Black Hats still insisted that they had proved their point.

Pun intended.

The Black Hats don't talk about things. They don't consider consequences delayed by more than fifteen minutes. They don't leave bystanders alone. They don't honor deals. They don't stick to business. They don't treat each other very well, much less outsiders. They don't have any concept of "overkill".

And for all of that, they do seem to have a surprisingly good grasp of hard-hitting tactics in a tough fight.

On New Dendarii, if a Black Hat was in-system, that was usually the first suspect in any trouble spot.

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Black Hat


If they're in the same bar and they are NOT actively trying to kill each other, it is because
  1. someone with more immediate power has announced strict consequences to both parties if either one acts up;
  2. they are spying on each other;
  3. they are actively engaged in some other form of conflict, such as bidding on a weapons auction, or regional karaoke championships; and, in the process,
  4. they are actively engaged in sabotaging one another.

opportunistic enemies

it would be "kill on sight" but wounded enemies can distract other obstacles

deadly enemies

Black Hats
typical policy on both sides is to kill on sight and loot the remains

enemies of the state

The list of charges is so high, and goes back so far, that Tapani Imperium forces will arrest with extreme prejudice. Meanwhile, Black Hats see Tapani see Tapani citizens as victims to be used then disposed.

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