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Sy-Clarks Lighthouse: The 31st Floor

The 31’st Floor describes the last floor of the lighthouse. No one has ever seen this floor but it is written about in various history books. By diving into this, you must be aware that most of this floor has yet to be seen by human eyes. You have to read about the lighthouse before you can understand the information here. Sy-Clarks Lighthouse  

The Origins

The Origins of the 31’st floor date back to the Silver Age. You can find this information in Documenting Halors: The Structures Before Us. The lighthouse was built in 666, The Silver Age, and talk of the 31’st floor dates back to 667, The Silver Age.   The lighthouse has 31 official floors, and this has been confirmed by the men who were allowed to work there before the lighthouse was closed because of H.O.P. No one has seen an entrance to a 31’st floor.   Many have tried to find it and all have failed, leading to intense discussions about the lighthouse: This is a big reason the lighthouse is closed to the public.


The lighthouse is located on an island; rough waters surround this island. The seas are extreme and get worse the closer you get to the lighthouse. You will find many sea creatures; some say large sharks lurk well below the slippery rocks.   Waves crash on the shore all the time, and that makes the island a dangerous place. Most sailors will not get close to the island; the closer you get, the worst the weather gets. If it is snowing around the island, the snow only gets worse the closer you get: The same applies to any weather surrounding the island.   The grass on the island is usually overtaken by mud and small rocks. Without wearing the proper boots, you couldn’t walk on the land here without slashing your feet. The greenery closest to the lighthouse has grown up the side of it.


The Structures Before Us: Describes the ecosystem as being diverse. Creatures from all over the planet come to live here, but they do not arrive and cannot migrate here. The book says those creatures were at the top of the lighthouse first, or were placed there by the people who were on the planet millions of years ago.   Whatever the case, these creatures each serve a purpose. Some of them filter water, there are insects who pollinate and even flying creatures for you to ride on. We are no longer talking about a small room here but a diverse landmass that spans at least three climates.   The organisms are meant to keep the 31’st floor from dying. There are dense food chains that keep the 31’st floor from falling apart. The book describes the floor as being self-sustaining, and each of the creatures help keep it that way.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Ecosystem Cycles like the rest of the planets. The passage of time still happens on the 31’st floor, so if you're lucky, you will experience all four seasons while you're up there. The climates change as well, and it can snow or rain inside. The book says the “sun” is never too bright or too dull, and it never surpasses 90 degrees at any given time.   The creatures are unable to migrate, so they adapt to the change in the weather. Creatures are known to grow thick coats of fur to survive the winter. Birds will change their hunting habits, and water-dwelling creatures will adapt to living under the ice. Adaptation is the key to survival for the whole ecosystem; you would simply die if you can’t adapt.

Localized Phenomena

The Structures Before Us talks about a couple of Localized Phenomena.   The Great Divide   The Great Divide is a dense jungle that separates the 31’st floor in half. The jungle is said to be so dense you can’t walk through it without extensive travel. The leaves and the bark change with each passing season.   Two to three trees will grow every day but these trees only grow as part of The Great Divide. Different creatures can be found in these trees, they seem to guard the trees closely. Passing the trees has never been done. The Structures Before Us talks about leaving the trees alone.   The Silver Water   The Silver Water is water that can supposedly tell you your future for a blood donation. You have to drop some of your blood into the water and if done properly the water will tell you your fortune through a dream.

Fauna & Flora

Around the outside of the lighthouse you can find fish, but mostly sharks. On the island you cannot find any animals but plenty of insects. The waves and rain make the outside of the island a hostile environment. Any birds that land here are quickly shot and disposed of.

Natural Resources

There are no natural resoruces to be found here.


The floor has never been seen before and has only been documented: This has left a dissatisfied taste in the mouths of the locals of Halorus. Many claim the floor is a myth that was spread so people stop asking about the lighthouse. Other people claim the floor did exist at one point but no longer exists.   The Structures Before Us has detailed descriptions of most of the structures on Halorus that were discovered at the time, like the Brass Walls and The Silver Pyramids but the 31’st floor only has vague accounts of what you might find inside. Because of the lack of detail, many suspect the whole book was a scam that people latched onto when the world was young.   Other people have taken to trying to find the 31’st floor! Adventures from all over the planet have tried to find the floor, most of them don’t make it to the lighthouse. Those that do are arrested and sent away as soon as possible, rarely heard from again.   The 31’st floor fell out of popularity during the Golden Age of the Megaverse and has rarely been spoken about since. Whenever it appears in books it’s quickly written off as being a fairy tale or a legend.


The lighthouse was locked to the public during the Second Dark Age and was never reopened. Once H.O.P. bought the land and closed the lighthouse, outsiders and locales were not allowed to enter the property: This caused an uproar that was quickly settled once H.O.P. promised to keep the lighthouse running. They have kept their promise and in return no one ventures to the lighthouse.
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