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The most economic form of transport in the galaxy is the Transgalactic Recreation and Exploration Interconnection Nexus Vehicle maintained and operated by the Ciceronean Guides. Large quantities of material can be transported using a specialized container known as a TREIN pod. These containers do not require any power or armament as they will be protected by the TREIN.

A standard TREIN pod can be either rounded or square depending on the material transported and what shape it fits in best. Size can vary greatly as long as you can clamp it onto the TREIN.

While these containers will be transported from one location to another via the TREIN, remember that they must also be moved to and from locations for loading and unloading. If this involves landing on a planet, you'll want to make sure it is aerodynamic and protected.

TREINs move between the Lighthouses on a tight schedule. You'll want to register a berth for your pod in advance and make sure to drop it off and pick it up on time. Note that if you are not at the rendezvous point on time, the pod will be ejected and left for you to find later, assuming some pirate hasn't made off with it. Lighthouses have limited storage capacity and are not in the business of protecting your cargo.

Arrangements can be made with storage facilities at the drop off and pick up locations, and many will meet the TREIN and transport your pod to storage. Research the background of any facility that you contract with to make sure that they have a good reputation for security. While rare, there have been instances where facilities work with pirates to funnel the most valuable cargo to easily accessible berths.

Cargo is extremely safe while on the TREIN, but once separated from it, security is not guaranteed.

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