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The SETI Institute (/ˈsɛti/)

SETI, also known as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has the stated purpose of searching the cosmos for any signal or proof of life outside of Earth. With over a hundred researchers, it is miraculous that they have not found it. Despite thousands of years of influence by the Galeuns, these stalwart scientists continue to search the most remote regions of Earth and the heavens for any sign.

For the Spaceport Crew Members, this lack of evidence was initially considered proof that their efforts to hide the numerous alien intrusions they had inadvertently invited was successful.

But after the incident of the Capture of Earth's Space Station, they realized just how wrong they'd been.

SETI had known we are not alone since its inception, and come to the realization along with their parent organization, NASA, that this truth needed to be hidden until the population of Earth could be gently prepared for the knowledge. In an effort to prevent mass panic, SETI had been slowly introducing humanity to the idea of aliens. But then, suddenly, these kids had managed to not only invite the aliens to visit, but they'd also managed to take over the secret alien space station in orbit.

When Rhonda sent the call through to Cordell Klakowicz, he was sure that SETI was calling to send over scientists. Instead, the conversation went very differently.

The voice was deep but jovial, rather like he would imagine Santa Claus would sound. "This is Director Johnston from the SETI Institute. Fine work young man. Fine work."

"You aren't upset?" Cordell was confused.

"Don't tell me you fell for the 'search' part of our name."

"Well, actually, I didn't realize you'd found any extra-terrestrial intelligence."

"Son, the problem isn't finding extra-terrestrial intelligence -- it's finding intelligence here at home! Now I know you're among our best and brightest, but you need to get up to speed here. It's embarrassing."

"Yes, sir. I've noticed."

"I love what you've been doing. You've advanced interstellar relations astronomically!" He laughed at his own pun, and Cord wasn't sure if he liked the man or not.

"Why are you calling?"

"Just to congratulate you on your success, and to make sure you know who you're working with."

"And who would that be, sir?"

"Why us! Humans have to stick together!"

Thinking about the call later, Cordell wondered if it hadn't been easier to work with the Galeuns.

Public Agenda

Find proof of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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Understanding and sharing the wonders of the universe

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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
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