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Gerald Conversius the First

King Gerald the First Gerald Heretic Conversius

Gerald was born into the royal family of Mayhold, and was brought up in the palace grounds. His father, Heretic, rarely had conversations with Gerald, and family dinners were usually eaten in silence. His mother, Geraldine, was from Khira, a completely other continent. Geraldine was given to Mayhold, and in return, Mayhold sent an army of three thousand soldiers to Khira. When Gerald grew up, he studied in the College of Mayhold, until his father was assassinated by a member of the Guild of the Unseen. He then became king, and eventually went on to co-found the highly successful organization known as the High Ones, who basically control all of Sorolith.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Gerald always had bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep and overworking himself. He bore a small goatee.

Mental characteristics


Gerald was educated in the college of Mayhold. He did well in literary subjects and mathematics, but he never got the hang of art or music. His parents were the king and queen, meaning he enjoyed a very luxurious time in the college.

Personality Characteristics


Gerald always wanted to live up to his father, who was killed.

Wealth & Financial state

Gerald had a large fortune stashed at the bottom of his palace.
Lawful neutral
Gerald had dark brown hair with sideburns and a small goatee.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Gerald had pale white skin, with ah int of red on his cheeks.
5.6 ft
60 pounds
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization

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