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The nation is a city, the city a nation. The city is broken into districts named for the towns absorbed into the growing city as it grow inland from the ocean.


The city started to grow from the coast after the Desert Tabaxi migrated from the oasis towns of the desert to the coast. If one stood at the top of the Law Tower, they could see most of the nation, with only [Far Desert] district to the north east and the far north district of Sandsink, sharing a border with [Factory-cities Kingdom].

Natural Resources

There is ocean fishing to the eastern border, and the central parts of Goltheris are farming communities, and then the desert districts are now mostly home to glass-crafters and the Goltherine military training camps in the sands and open view of where much of Soplas seems to come from.
Included Organizations
Goltherine Council
Goltherine Mayer
Related Professions
Related Myths

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