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Alpha Wolves


The Alpha Wolves

The Academy is governed primarily by the Elder Wolf and the two Alphas. There can only ever be two Alpha Wolfs, and they're decided on by Aileran himself; he like's to think he's a rather good judge of character so never has any issue choosing suitable Wolves to lead. The chosen Wolves must dissociate themselves from their previous pack, they now serve all the packs, if they don't wish to take the role and want to remain within their pack then they have the right to refuse; though no one has ever done so. 

The Alpha Wolves tend to deal with all high level administration of the Academy, assist the Elder Wolf with administration of new Pups and deal as mediators between Pack Leader conflicts, along with this they deal with the diplomatic side of the Academy as well as the greater running of the exterior village.

The main things the Elder Wolf looks for in new Alphas are thier abilities to see all sides. To be able to dissociate past conflicts or discriminations and focus on the wisest choice to make for all parties. Along with this they need to be intelligent and naturally skilled leaders, people who can garner the respect of others and not struggle to lead such a large group of equally intelligent people. The strength of their Drawing prowess is lesser comapred to their strength of personality.
Guild, Mages


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