Tsiyon could be considered the world capital and home to many of the races of Solinia. It's roots began as a small farming and fishing settlement on the southern edge of Halcron which really began it's golden age following the arrival of the sea faring Vishim . Trading technology and some making their home in Tsiyon eventually led to significant world trade and exploration of the south western regions of Solinia.   Before the arrival of the Vishim, the city itself was a lot smaller than today and without many of the districts. The original inhabitants which the Vishim first encountered are undoubtedly some form of descendent of Eusebians although they have never encountered their ancestors due to the difficulty in exploring the land of Alcor. The people of Halcron, who refer to their ancient selves as the Meroei, would always say they have inhabitted the lands and do not have any recorded history of ever leaving other continents of islands in search of new homes but infact their history stems from the times long before the modern era when their people fled underground to escape the cataclysm.


Tsiyon is located on the continent of Halcron and has been a multi-cultural city for generations. Since there multiple races in Tsiyon, the cultures differ from locations in the city.


The City is ruled by the Meroei royalty


The city is surrounded by a series of ringed walls that protect the city from attack   To the south is the vast ocean


Tsiyon is seperated into many districts which serve a variety of purposes.  

Foreign Quarter

  The foreign quarter lies on the eastern area of Tsiyon and serves as a gathering place for the public and outsiders and contains all the necessary


one may expect from a capital such as Tsiyon.   The foreign quarter also houses the great lighthouse on the southern city walls where the Wizard Guild makes their home constantly keeping the beacon alive with their elemental magic to aid the Vishim ships into the dock.   Market   The Magnadome - Public battle grounds/arena   The Weary Traveller   Astute Transmute - Potion shop   Plants n' Chants - Herbs and reagents   Blackwoods Goods - Misc goods shop   Stable   The Leather Endevor - Tannery   The Dusty Parchment - Scribee   The Fair Thread - Tailors   Theatre   Tempered Flame - Forge/Armoury   The Chizzled Boulder - Stonemasons   Mausaleum   The Aged Barrel - Brewery   The Arcane Athenaeum   Temple of Golkara - A gigantic temple dedicated to the goddess of life and abundance   Tsiyon Central Bank - Central bank of Solinia   The Lighthouse - Wizard guild  

Military District

  The military district is one of the older areas of Tsiyon and houses the previous Palace, Acropolis, which has now been converted into the headquarters for the Tsiyon Miiltary. Along side the old palace are many


for training infantry in melee combat as well as an offshoot of the Moracre Ranger Guild who spend their time teaching the art of archery. The Paladins also make their home here. In the center of the district lay fountains and trees which are occasionally used as a gathering area while the King of Tsiyon addresses his subject from the Old Palace battlements.   This district lies directly north of the Docks and due West of the Shared Housing District. It is also the location of the Northern Gate.   The military district is also home to the Tsiyon Infirmary.   It is the only way for outsiders to pass into the private racial areas and royal palace which lie to the east.   Acropolis is part of the original wall that surrounds the dock area and used to act as a gatehouse for the village. However since the major expansion of the city, new walls have been errected all around the new districts. Acropolis and the old city walls are a reminder to the Meroei of their past and the promise the royal bloodline made to keep their people safe.  


  Acropolis - The Old Palace, a part of the old city walls that surround the dock   Warrior Guild   Paladin Guild   Ranger Guild   City and Guild Registration   Stables   Tsiyon Central Infirmary   Tsiyon City Guard Head Quarters - Home to the city guard   Tsiyon Public Square - and northern entrance of solinia  

Palace District

  The modern palace district lays to the south of the Noble District and is on the western side of the city neighbouring the Vishim district. Originally the palace, Acropolis, was housed in the military district but the royalty moved due to extensive traffic from trade relationships with other races on Solinia. Acropolis is now used by the Military.   The new palace houses the current the royal bloodline of the Meroei and the King of Tsiyon and overlooks the cliffs to the south of the city.  



Vishim District

  The Vishim district is considered one of wonders of the city. Over the years the vishim have converted this district into a forest in honour of the gods they worship and where they make their home in the houses they have built amongst the trees and lake here.  


  Druid Guild   Player Housing   Vishim Embassy   The Astronomy  

Lidkim District

  The lidkim district lies on the northern wall and is the first housing area to the west of the military district. Here the Lidkim make their home.  


  Player Housing   Lidkim Embassy  

Endol District

  To the south of the Wispen district the Endol make their home.   North of the Eiao district.  


  Player Housing   Endol Embassy  

Wispen District

North of the Endol district and situated on the north wall to the west of the Lidkim area the Wispen find their home.  


  Player Housing   Wispen Embassy  

Eiao District

North of the Vishim district and on the western wall the Eiao make their home.  


  Player Housing   Eiao Embassy  

Shared Housing District

The shared housing district is directly to the north of the Foreign Quarter and houses the citizens of Tsiyon who enjoy living among all races rather than just their own.   Outsiders hoping to visit other districts than the Foreign Quarter must pass through here and into the Military district before being able to make it elsewhere.   Those hoping to make their livelyhood from outsiders will usually make their home here, being close to their businesses in the Foreign Quarter gives them a short distance to travel and excellent opportunities for networking.  


  Player Housing   Inn   Noble District   The noble district lies directly north of the new Palace and is home to the upper class citizens of Tsiyon.  


  Player Housing  


  The docks are built upon the oldest areas of the city and are a common entrance point for outsiders as well as goods from all over Solinia. Many ships can be found in this extremely large district including ones still being constructed by Vishim Shipwrights.   Passengers arriving in the docks must travel from here to the Military District to enter the private racial homes in Tsiyon which lie to the west or the Shared Housing and Foreign Quarter to the East.   The docks are still surrounded by the original walls that have protected Old Tsiyon for so long and the only way to leave the dock area is through the Acropolis underpass.  


  Shipwright   Carpenter   Tsiyon Port Authority   Docks   The Gobel's Head - Tsiyon's Oldest Bar & Inn


Tsiyon was the location of birth of the global currency. Due to the expense in dealing with individual race currencies a central bank was created by the mixed races of Tsiyon to ease the expense and delay it held on trade. Since the creation of this currency most cultures have benefited from prosperity and see it as one of the benefits of racial diplomacy.
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