The Takafi are an accidental byproduct of the toppling of the human empire. Jingara was always a hotspot for totemic and shamanic magics, and in one of the many events during the downfall where magic was accidentally loosed to rampage freely, some of it found a home in some ornate, carved masks. These were the first Takafi, the elders. Since then, more have slowly come into being as the energy of the land seeps into the masks that the Takafi carve.   Their physiology means strange things for them. They process ambient magic in the way that other races use blood, and as such the number of them that can exist in a given area is wholly dependant on how strong the ambient magic is. In an area of low magic only a handful could exist, while in the heart of some conflux of energy a very large number of them could thrive. Also, because they have no liquid blood, wounds and effects that rely on blood don't work on them. A gouge that would cause a normal being to bleed to death hinders them little unless it destroys them outright. Similarly, poisons simply don't work on them.   An interesting side effect of their dependance on ambient magic is that they can achieve a sort of collective mentality. With focus, a number of them can contact groups far away, sending messages through the weave of magic itself. The distance they can communicate depends mostly on how many are working together to send the message. A lone Takafi for example can send messages hardly beyond line of sight. Ten Takafi in a high magic region, on the other hand, can transmit messages to people many miles away.


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