Description   Magicians are masters at summoning and this includes summoning food and water, weapons and armor, and all sorts of useful utility items. They can also summon powerful elemental beings to serve as their pets     Newbie Guide   The magician is a summoner that uses various elemental summons to aid them in combat. The magician is also capable of summoning various items such as bread, bandages, arrows, dimensional pockets, and equipment. All summoned items fade away after a set time excluding dimensional pockets after they are set down. Elemental summons disappear after you die, they die, or you log off. Elementals can be given spare equipment that the player has if the player uses the /pet equip command, but the items cannot be retrieved after doing so. Magicians however. An use their sun ones equipment on their pets so that they don’t have to use their own supply of armor and weapons. Magicians also use various elemental spells to assist their elemental in combat. Magicians can summon four types of elementals, Water, fire, earth, and air. Earth elementals have medium damage along with high defense and health. Fire elementals have high damage with medium health and defense. Water elementals have medium damage, health, and defense. Air elementals have low damage, health, and defense. Magicians wear light armor such as leather and use staffs to deal melee damage. Magicians summoning reagent is Malachite so always have a decent supply of malachite in your reagents bag. Malachite can be found by mining through rocks such as stone and drops randomly whilst doing so. You can add items to your reagents pouch by using the command /reagents add while holding the item. Overall magicians are very capable solo players until around level 40 where they begin to need help when dungeon crawling. Magicians tend to be very valuable to towns for their ability to summon dimensional pocketes.


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