The Meroei hold dominion over many of the lands of Halcron and have built the grandest capital on Solinia full of many of the races of the world. Also to the far west the Ogres hold their capital in Osogok . To the far north are the Gobel a menace to the Meroei and deadly in combat due to their ever increasing numbers.   Transport Links   Tsiyon acts as a hub and a central port for nearly every city on Solinia.   Locations of Interest   Tsiyon   Moracre Forest   Greenbarrow   Wheton   Aldgate   Ruins of Ephesus   Osogok   Upper Plains of Karnon   Lower Plains of Karnon   Blacklight Forest   Silvershade Lake   River Erilyn   Glacies Cavern   Cryswind Peak   Threats   The largest threat to the civilised inhabitants of Halcron are the Gobel , grotesque evil creatures of which there are many in and beyond the northern mountains.


Rolling plains and mountains cover most of Halcron

Flora & Fauna

Wolves, snakes

Natural Resources

Halcron contains many types of wild animals that roams the forests and plains.   Halcron is also unique in that the Cryswind Peak and the mountains surrounding it contain nearly all types of metals used by the Meroei.
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