Fairies are small planar creatures that possess translucent wings that carry them from place to place. The Fairy race are originally descendents from the Plane of Air who found their way to Solinia via an Anchor located on the Island of Tawis Karon. They are ruled over by a matriarchal royal bloodline and pay homage exclusively to the elemental god of air, Zephyr. They are known to be extremely mischievous!   On discovering the destiny of the Oshira, Methabeht visited Zephyr in the Plane of Air and gifted her Aos'Sí, the Orb of Wild Magic. Imparting her essence into the Orb and caring for it for many moons, the Orb did crack and emerge the first regal fairy, Queen Asuna who was mother to all fairies to come   When the Oshira eventually began to pillage the planes the fairies spilled out from the Plane of Air all across Solinia to keep the snake like creatures at bay. Sadly the Oshira were able to overcome the fairies and supplant Zephyr with Slvastra the Ravager. During this war the Fairies fought valiently along side the Mysmaal against the Oshira and are mentioned in some mysmaal mythological texts as The Ethereals

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Fairies have 2 arms and legs, and a pair of wings which grows into 4 wings in their adult stage   They can range between 3-5 feet in height and have ethereal white pale skin that shimmers with the power of the mana stream that flows through solinia

Genetics and Reproduction

Male and female fairies mate in their adult stage and lay eggs

Growth Rate & Stages

Fairies deposit large batches of eggs which grow into a pupal form. This form can last like this for several decades, and it is important for fairies societies to protect the pupa to ensure future generations. It can range from 20 to 30 years before a fairy reaches its full adult stage, and is generally denoted by growth of two new lower wings. In the case of regal fairies, the child emerges from pupa with 4 wings and in their final stage 6 wings

Ecology and Habitats

Due to their mixed origins of the gods of Air and Nature fairies generally prefer mountainous forests along crystaline lakes. Fairies are particularly attuned to places of high arcane power and often seen in places of great beauty

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fairies are herbivores but require food grown in areas that naturally yield high amounts of arcane energy, this is used to sustain their ethereal existence beyond their home of the Plane of Air

Additional Information

Social Structure

Faries maintain a matriarchal structure that is ruled by regal fairies denoted by their additional wings   The majorty of fairy life is catering for the young and ensuring the defense of their kingdom


The fairies treat the forests and soils of their mana rich homelands as sacred and spend much of their life catering to the needs of the forest

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Often found in boreal and mountainous taiga forests

Average Intelligence

Fairies are averse to combat but will defend their land if needs. With their quick wit and intelligence faries instead take pleasure in misleading and tricking those that wonder too close to their homelands

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Fairies are capable of sensing the stream of mana that flows through and from various important points on the surface of Solinia   Due to this fairies often build their homes and settlemnets in places of great power

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Fairies are highly reliant on the plants they grow from during their long pupal stage as the plants will feed the arcane energy to the growing child. Therefore the main structural purpose of the fairy species is defense of the plant kingdom that surrounds the fairy kingdom

  Alignment Neutral   Starting Stats STR: 65 STA: 75: AGI: 95 DEX: 80 INT: 75 WIS: 90 CHA:75   Available Classes WAR RNG WIZ PAL DRU BRD ENC
Children of the Plane of AIr
Average Height
3-5 feet
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Depending on the paricular vein of mana the fairies find their source of energy will determine the glowing hue that surrounds and shimmers through the fairy. Some of this colour is passed on to children through birth and is often seen in the glowing pupa stage   Interbreeding of different groups of fairies can create new and interesting colours, but generally the current food source will have a dominant effect on a fairies colour


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