Faen Dan

Home to a barbaric subspecies of human the village of Faen Dan has existed for countless centuries and certainly as long as any of the Vishim can remember   Faen Dan is situated on the north western cliffs of Winters Deep on the continent of Asgarad   The town is home to many lesser humans and is known for it's furs, stone and frightful food   Surrounding Faen Dan are many mammoths, snow wolves and polar bears which are frequently hunted by the inhabitants and used for fur and food.   Due to the treacherous terrain not many stumble upon this village   Those that do make it to the area would be recommended to admire at the natural beauty of Caer Bedion the once great city of the Vishim.   Many snow wolves and polar bears travel across Winters Deep and past Faen'Dan but without a doubt the most dangerous would be the Mammoths   Faen'Dan appears to have existed forever and have been undisturbed and unconquered by the other races of Solinia. Whether this is down to it's inhospitable location or the brute strength of the inhabitants is unknown

Location under
Winters Deep


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