Alaris was a city founded by the descendents of the deserted crew of Element 5 in the Western Continents of Solinia far to the south of Kumari on the many island chains. It's people eventually migrated to the Northlands where they discovered relics of the past which had become known as the site of the Exerak Incursion, a giant temple filled with ancient racial history far underground. With this invaluable information the people sailed far east to their homelands with information that could change everything.   According to records, during the expedition home to Tsiyon , the fleet stopped at an island to resupply food and materials for the journey home. This island was fondly named by it's people as Aquion for it's many clear water lakes and the vast ocean that surrounded it. After the fleet had resupplied, some of the expedition stayed behind. It is known that due to the boom in prospecting these settlers eventually discovered the lost continent of Kumari far to the north where the Kingdoms of New Meropis were founded.   The Alarans of Northreach were dedicated to the old ways of Element 5 and many have considered them to be worshippers of the water elements due to their many relics depicting trident idols and other ocean dieities.   The city of Alaris itself had a mixture of cultures and people due to the many races that made up the old crew of Element 5 but the city was eventually abandoned, along with Northreach following an invasion of undead triggered by the discovery of the Exerak Incursion site.


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