Acacia is home to various casts of Lidkim, a lizard like race that have existed on this continent for centuries. Originally hailing from their capital of Chelthix they have since been ravaged by an everlasting war between themselves and a subsect of cannibals known as the Zunak.   Acacia is also home to once Vishim explorers who have made a home here and seek to aid the Lidkim with their troubles.   History   Something happened on this island many thousands of years ago that raised the entire western portion of the island and scorched the once wild forests that covered the land. During this time, the Lidkim speak of a curse that tainted their kin and transformed them into cannibals which resulted in the the total annihilation of their capital Chelthix.   Fortunately for the remaining sane Lidkim the Vishim, who had recently begun a seafaring race, arrived and formed a partial alliance with them in agreement for land on the eastern shore to study the architecture and gather resources.   The Vishim soon established the city of Braemar and eventually the fort of Fiongate that some Lidkim use as temporary housing although most prefer to stay in the lost capital of Chelthix which they hope to one day rebuild if they can finally rid the land of the Zunak.   Transport Links   The Vishim port of Braemar is established on the north eastern shores of the continent which is the main hub to other locations on the world.   Locations of Interest   Azura   Beza   Tean'Zu   The White Mount   Lost Chelthix   Braemar   Feryn's Scar   Fiongate   Llys Don   Stormhold   Threats   Dangerous wildlife, monsters, weather and so forth


The continent itself is split into two very distinct plateus that are accessible by the giant waterfall next to the Lost Chelthix.   Also to the north west can be found a long stretch of mountains where the pyramids Azura and Beza can be found as well as a sacred mountain known to the Lidkim as the White Mount.

Flora & Fauna

Due to the unusual geography this land contains all manners of unusual stones and plantlife.   The lower section of the island is home to many snakes and cats that appear to have made their way from the western plateau.   The upper plateua is home to all manners of poisonous and wild creatures. Mostly desert cougars and scorpians from Feryn's Scar as well as a large amount of sand and dust elementals. Not to mention the many undead Lidkim.
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Llys Don


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