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ainima laurina Yávien (Anemah larena yehven)

"They say it can do anything, even bring people back from the dead!" - King Feruns

In the year 229 Silver Age, an elf was wandering through the forest she lived in, picking faeberries for her mother's pie when she saw a golden light shining from the part of the forest she was told not to go in. Against her better judgement, she ran towards to light, before she tripped on a root and got knocked out.   When she woke up, she seemed to no longer be in the forest. Instead, the found herself on top of a hill with a glowing tree on it. She noticed a golden fruit lying on the ground in front of her and decided that she might as well take it. Mustering all the strength she could, she got up and headed for a nearby half-elven village she saw down the hill.   On the way there, she took out her pocketknife and ate a slice of the fruit. To her surprise, all her cuts and bruises instantly healed right before her eyes. It tasted like her mother's faeberry cinnamon pie, and she couldn't decide whether to be shocked or amazed. She decided to call the fruit Ainima Laurina Yavien, which is elven for blessed golden fruit. Deciding the name was too long, she shortened it to an amalgamation of the words, the anurien. Running to the village, she shared the gift to the townsfolk who gladly accepted her into their town.  


To stop the world from taking the fruit from them, the elven mages guild put runes of protection on the trees. Only elves and half elves are able to bypass the spell, and even then they would have to get permission from the town. Alternatively, you could get past the trap with a hard arcane skill check of 25, though if seen tampering with the tree, the town will become hostile.

Healing properties

The anurien is the ultimate healing item. It immediately heals any wounds, will prevent you from getting hungry for 2 tenday, will cure any sickness, grow back missing limbs, and, with the right expertise, bring people back from the dead. People who have tasted one differ in how they say it tastes. cake, cheese bread, apples, dwarven delights, fried unicorn meat, and dragon wings are all what people have said it tasted like. Based on this, food experts think that it must taste like the eater's favorite food.  


I can tell what you are thinking. "This fruit is way overpowered! Well don't worry, people who want balanced gameplay! The anurien has 3 major drawbacks.  
  1. It's exceedingly rare. Only 3 trees are known to exist. one is in an unknown forest somewhere, one is in a village, and one is in an adult dragon's lair. off the side of a steep mountain.
  2. Once you eat one, you cannot get it's healing effects for 5 tenday. this one is self explanatory. Once you eat a anurien, You cannot gain it's positive effects for 5 tenday (D&D week).
  3. The smell. If you have one of these, you'll get into random encounters 3x as often because the smell and rumors that you have it attract wild animals and thieves.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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