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390 EUT

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This world is inspired by our own. Well, at least an aspect of what it used to be. Your typical fantasy inspired world but with a twist. This one is based off of our "pre-"Columbian native north and south American cultures with some what if sprinkled in. Heavily inspired by a Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martinez and Lord of the Rings by J R. R. Tolkien   Journey to Sialos and the cresent continents of Tlalli and Kacha where the empires of Tecuti and Varinti are constantly vying for power and influence over the known world and control over the surrounding small kingdoms and tribes.   The Varinti Empire and their tribal allies have finally toppled the previous Tlahtanè of Tecuti, Motanani Tecuti's rule of tyranny and established a goverment more sympathetic to Varinti's interest lead by Motanani's niece who was "Graciously" spared as the last of her bloodline.   With the treaty of earth and sky signed in return for Tecuti's increased loyalty the empire they must massivly decrease their practice of human sacrifice and in return they will be given the heads of a Small band of mercenarys who had broken some of Tecuti's most sacred laws seeing things that must be left unseen by the outside world.