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Thu, Apr 27th 2023 06:00   Edited on Sun, May 28th 2023 02:40

20th Anniversary Edition Vampire the Masquerade

I would like to request a character sheet for this system. Thank you.
Thu, Apr 27th 2023 06:02

Sample Rules for the sheet: Attributes: Divide 7, 5, and 3 points among the three categories (Physical, Social, and Mental). Each attribute starts with 1 point, and you cannot allocate more than 5 points to any single attribute. The attributes are:   Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance Mental: Perception, Intelligence, Wits Abilities: Divide 13, 9, and 5 points among the three categories (Talents, Skills, and Knowledges). You cannot allocate more than 3 points to any single ability during this step. The abilities are:   Talents: Alertness, Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise, Subterfuge Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Melee, Performance, Security, Stealth, Survival Knowledges: Academics, Computer, Finance, Investigation, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Science Advantages: Allocate points to Disciplines (3), Backgrounds (5), and Virtues (7).   Disciplines: Choose three disciplines available to your vampire's clan, and distribute the points among them. Backgrounds: Select up to five backgrounds for your character and distribute the points among them. Examples include Allies, Contacts, Generation, Haven, Herd, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers, and Status. Virtues: Distribute points among the three virtues - Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage. Humanity: Calculate your character's Humanity by adding their Conscience and Self-Control scores.   Willpower: Set your character's Willpower equal to their Courage score.   Blood Pool: Determine your character's maximum blood pool based on their Generation (found in the Backgrounds section). The lower the Generation, the larger the blood pool.   Freebie Points: Spend 15 freebie points to further customize your character. The costs for increasing different traits are:   Attributes: 5 points per dot Abilities: 2 points per dot Disciplines: 7 points per dot Backgrounds: 1 point per dot Virtues: 2 points per dot Humanity: 1 point per dot Willpower: 1 point per dot Merits and Flaws: You can also choose to take Merits and Flaws to further define your character. Merits cost freebie points, while Flaws give you additional freebie points to spend elsewhere.  
Sat, May 20th 2023 01:03

I will start reviewing a V20 version of this sheet over the weekend. Once I have something to look at are you available to proof the sheet? More to follow.
Sun, May 21st 2023 04:03

This is 50% done today. I will work on this over the next week and weekend.  
Vampire 20th Sheet
Generic article | Sep 25, 2023
Sun, May 21st 2023 04:11

I could use a better V20 logo image. I snapped this off a pdf.
Sun, May 28th 2023 02:40

I am going to call this done and ready for publishing. I will revise once I receive any feedback.  
Vampire 20th Sheet
Generic article | Sep 25, 2023
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