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Fri, Aug 26th 2022 05:07   Edited on Sat, Oct 22nd 2022 10:25

Pathfinder 2e Generic Text with Traits

So many blocks in the Gamemastery guide only require a Title, Traits, and Descriptions to make them useful. This would also help with any other content by paizo that incorporates traits but have slightly different descriptions or events. I'd really like to see a generic block that allows for adding traits.
Fri, Aug 26th 2022 05:15   Edited on Fri, Aug 26th 2022 05:28

I just updated the Spell block to be usable as Curse, Focus or Disease, does that help already? It even properly shows already existing spell blocks that got traits like "disease" added. If not, do you have an example block in the book(s) that I should have a look at (book name + page).
Fri, Aug 26th 2022 05:29

Nation Stat Block - p.130 Gamemastery Guide Settlement - p.134-135 Gamemastery Guide Planes - p.139 Gamemastery Guide Subsystems - p.151 Gamemastery Guide (Influence is just one example of the subsystems)   These are just a few that would benefit from something like Title/Name Traits Description   Where description is just whatever free form is under the traits/tags in those pages.
Sat, Aug 27th 2022 09:06   Edited on Sat, Aug 27th 2022 09:07

Done. Dimi just needs to publish it now. I have made some example blocks.   Plane:   Nation:   Settlement:   Influence:   Obstacle:  
Sun, Aug 28th 2022 12:50

Tillerz you are on fire again!
Sat, Oct 22nd 2022 10:25

This is available to all users now.
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